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Top 10 Roofing Problems And How To Fix Them

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The roof is that part of our houses that we usually take for granted the most. Therefore, we don’t quickly notice the Roofing Problems with our roof since they are visible. From minor leaks to significant cracks, roofs go through many ailments that require immediate attention.

Top 10 Roofing Problems And How To Fix Them

Roofing Problems

Thus, to help you with this, we’ve summarized some of the most common problems that need attention.

10. Gutters Ready To Give Out

Gutters are problematic when blocked by residue or forced to carry the weight of an ice dam.

The solution to this problem is detailed and routine gutter cleaning. Suppose you want an alternative to dirty gutter cleaning and maintenance. You can install good-quality gutter guards to filter out the junk.

9. Pooling And stagnant water

The standing moisture due to clogging can turn into mildew and mould. Moreover, it can eat up the roofing material, therefore, cause leaks.

If your roof is straight or you worry about pooling water. Build a pointed area over the ground of your roof to allow the water to run off. This roofing design is very beneficial.

8. Roof Leaks

A roof leak is one of the problematic issues to ignore. It can result in severe water damage in a brief period.

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Suppose you see any signs of leakage, like water stains on the ceiling or damp walls. It’s crucial to call in a professional roofer immediately. You can also fix it by simply removing an old shingle and replacing it with a new one.

7. Shrinkage

Shrinkages are more likely to influence roofs that encounter extreme climate conditions. With severe weather conditions, like rapid cooling and heating, they get shrunk very quickly. Particularly, if there has been improper installation.

However, you can overcome any shrink-related repair issues by making sure that you constantly inspect and maintain them regularly. Also, you can hire any professional for this work.

6. Snow & Ice Damage

Snow and ice can result in considerable damage to any roof. Because they melt into water, therefore, it gets soaked up by the roofing shingles. If it refreezes, it results in huge gaps and allows the extra moisture to penetrate and more ice to form. It usually happens in the winter season.

Possibly the only way to ensure that these weather conditions aren’t resulting in lasting damage is to plan routine spring and fall maintenance and inspection.

5. Damaged Flashing

Flashing is an impenetrable material. It prevents water from entering space in between the roof and another object. Though, if you notice damaged flashing, follow these steps:

  • Clean any junk out of the gap between the chimney and flashing.
  • Now, apply roofing cement behind the flashing.
  • Use screws or nails to bond the flashing tight with the chimney.
  • Cover any exposed screw or nails heads with cement.
  • Then, apply cement to the joint between the brick and flashing.
  • Lastly, smooth the cement out with a putty knife.

4. Missing Or Broken Shingles

If shingle parts are randomly appearing in your lawn or you have seen shady areas on your roof. It means you have broken or missing shingles. Missing shingles get damaged due to the adhesive. When the sealant piece gets damaged, the shingles start peeling off.

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Though, you can fix it by just replacing it with extras that closely match the damaged ones.

3. Granules Jamming downspouts

Granules jamming downspouts on your new roof is no problem. But, aged roofs with granules are a cause of concern. If you see the grain in your gutters, the shingles are possibly weakening and need replacement.

You can fix this by using a pressure washer—Flush Water through a pressure washer into the downspout at a reasonable speed. The clog will be clear off. But, if it is hard, you have to pull apart the downspout to remove the hard clog.

2. Damage From Trees

No roof is wholly secured from nature. It does not need to be a huge branch; it often occurs from small branches that continuously rub against your roof and gradually destroy the top layer. And many damages come from tree branches. The only solution to this is to trim your tree regularly.

1. Damaged Soffit & Fascia

Extended exposure to ice and water can result in it wearing very soon, building sizable holes and cracks. The fascia on your roof is also usually prone to moisture damage. It needs immediate attention if it becomes broken; after all, it supports all the guttering.

Therefore, when your fascia or soffit succumbs to decay, an immediate roof repair is crucial. Coat up the holes and replace rotten or broken elements immediately. If you think you can’t handle it, get roof repair services.


No matter how strong your roof was at the installation time, it will eventually get damaged for various reasons. What you can do is to detect them as early as possible and get a roof repair service. It will save you from future shortcomings.

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