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Top 10 Fattest Animals In The World Ever Seen

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Obesity is on the rise but apparently not just for humans. This can happen with animals also. Here are the top 10 fattest animals in the world ever seen.

Top 10 Fattest Animals In The World Ever Seen

Fattest Animals

10. The Fattest Squirrel

This massive squirrel was discovered at moral rock state preserve. The preserves are near Santa Barbara California and the squirrel has originally photographed by the marina, van der Linden.

The squirrels are a western grey squirrel which is an arboreal rodent that is native to the western coast of the United States and Mexico.

They generally weigh around two pounds but this world clearly tips the scale although the Western. The grey squirrel is the largest native tree squirrel in the coastal United States.

The squirrel is extra-large, the squirrel has been overfed by tourists causing it to grow to twice the average size of a squirrel.

And although it lives with other overweight squirrels which have also been overfed this world is easily the fattest one around. 

09. The Fattest Raccoon

The world’s fattest raccoon is named bandit and has been granted the title of the world’s fattest raccoon by the Guinness World Book.

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Of records, his obesity stems from a thyroid problem and when he was found in the wilderness as a baby he was already overweight.

From there the baby raccoon was adopted by a dog and raised as a puppy before a woman in Palmerton. Pennsylvania decided to take in the enormous raccoon bandit who died in 2004 and at the time of his death, he weighed a whopping 75 pounds. 

8. The Fattest Penguins

Penguins are supposed to be plump they need to store fat to keep warm in their harsh climates. However, a plethora of plump penguins have been popping up on social media.

Lately leading scientists to wonder what is causing this onslaught of penguin obesity among some of the most famous photos are the fat king penguin chick.

That is a huge and fluffy penguin and the super-sized morbidly obese penguins and where some of these obese penguins have been found in their natural habitat.

In the wild, there are also a lot of fat penguins found in zoos all over the world. Clearly, the Penguins in the zoo are being somewhat over fat which can easily account for their obesity.

But what about the Penguins in the wine are some of them are just naturally fatter than others. No one knows for sure but one thing is certain these overweight penguins are among some of the plumpest animals in the world. 

07. Fattest cat Liger

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Hercules is not only fat. His famous Hercules is a liger which is a cross between a lion and a tiger.

Hercules lives at Myrtle Beach Safari which is a wildlife reserve in South Carolina. The massive fat cat weighs a staggering 922 pounds Hercules maintains his weight by eating 30 pounds of meat a day.

He also drinks several litres of water although ligers are generally larger than both their counterparts lions and tigers.

Hercules is especially large fur Keeley’s made his way into the Guinness World Book of Records in 2014 when he was declared the world’s largest living cat. 

06. The Fat Rat

This wild rat was so fast that it got stuck in a sewer. Cover the rat was found lodged in a manhole cover in the town of fence time Germany.

The rats underestimating their own size tried to squeeze through a hole that was just too small to accommodate. Its overweight body the Auerbach volunteer firefighters were called to help remove the fat rat from the grate.

The rhein neck our animal rescue team was also a part of the eight-man rescue mission the rat had been able to get.

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It is head and top half through but it couldn’t squeeze past its ships rats rely on their whiskers to tell them.

Which holes they can fit through but apparently obese rats can’t rely on their whiskers as this rat severely misjudged the size of the hole.

In relation to his weight, the rat was saved and released back into the wild where he’s now free to eat as much as he wants.

05. The Fattest Lion

It’s not uncommon for an animal to be overweight in the wild. This is because most animals need to hunt for food to survive which gives them plenty of exercise and keeps them lean.

Furthermore, most animals food sources are not overly abundant Lions, for example can live in places.

Where it’s hard to find food which is why pictures of a fat line in their natural habitat is so startling several pictures of fat Lions have made their way to popular social media sites such as Pinterest and YouTube.

These overweight lions have huge bellies that hang loosely from their frames the pictures are in sharp contrast to what we expect to see from a lion known for its strength beauty and grace.

It is strange to see a lion that is overweight little is known about these rare and chunky Lions.

But some scientists suggest that these obese lions are simply lazier than other lions and that they are possibly more aggressive when it comes to feeding allowing them a larger portion than the rest of the pride.

04. The Fattest Orangutan

One is the world’s fattest orangutan and at one point this overweight orangutan weighed close to 165 pounds.

She has since lost 55 pounds though due to a strict diet. She is a Bornean orangutan and was transferred to the monkey world.

Ape rescue centre in the UK where she was immediately put on a proper diet of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Since she was eating what she was designed to eat her weight loss was pretty speedy. She has adjusted well to her new home but workers at the rescue centre would still like to see her.

She loses some more weight as obesity can cause high blood pressure diabetes and cardiovascular disease in orangutans. This could cause significant health problems for the ocean if left untreated. 

3. The Fattest Sea Lion

Poncho the sea lion lives in Cabo San Lucas Mexico. He is affectionately known by locals as king of the sea lions.

And Lord of all sea whoopers he has also been dubbed the fattest sea lion you’ll oversee lives in an area. Full of fat sea lions but the poncho is especially fat.

Because he has devised a clever way of procuring food fishermen in the area are known to toss food to the sea lions.

But poncho not wanting to fight for his food simply Hoffs aboard the back of the fishing boats this delights the fishermen to then feed poncho.

A lot more than they should because poncho eats so much he has clearly become obese in fact poncho is currently the largest sea lion in the world. 

02. The Tubby Tigers

Photos of the tubby Tigers of the Siberian tiger park in northeast China’s. Harbin province has made its rounds on social media.

The overweight Tigers are the cause of concern for animal activists as the Tigers are clearly far too fast.

However, Park officials have argued that the Tigers are perfectly normal and that they put on weight for the winter.

The tigers live in a climate that can be very cold and park officials claim that. The Tigers need the extra fat to help them stay warm animal activists.

Though aren’t buying it they are accusing the park owners of overfeeding and underexercising the Tigers.

The Siberian tiger park is a massive park that spans a million square meters and is home to about 800 Siberian tigers.

The park was built to breed and protect this beautiful endangered species. However, the tubby Tigers of the Siberian tiger park are far fatter than their wild counterparts.

So people are demanding that the overweight tigers be put on a strict diet so that they can maintain a healthy weight. 

01. Fatty The Monkey

Uncle fatty used to live in the streets of Bangkok’s coastal bunk in tien district. Before he was captured and sent to a fat farm to lose weight.

This massively obese monkey weighed an unbelievable 59 pounds. When he was caught the average weight for a macaque is between 17 and 22 pounds.

So he literally weighed three times. As much as he should have uncle fatty spent most of his days scavenging for food at the local foods markets.

And he gained so much weight that his belly literally dragged on the ground his weight-loss program was successful. And the obese monkey was able to drop four and a half pounds.

This was enough to allow him to be released back into the wild although some scientists believe that it’s highly likely that he will just revert to his old eating habits.

And pack the pounds back on in either case his Colossus weight has secured uncle fatty the top spot on our list of the ten fattest wild animals. 

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