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Top 10 Celebrities With YouTube Channels

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Celebrities With YouTube Channels: What’s a famous person to do when they’ve accomplished everything they set out to do in their life? Make a YouTube channel, of course! Maybe that’s not on every celebs’ to-do list, but for these 10 individuals, they’ve decided to get a little bit more personal with their audience and joined everybody’s favourite video hosting service! Here we have listed the top 10 Celebrities With YouTube Channels.

Top 10 Celebrities With YouTube Channels

10. Shawn Johnson

Youtube Channels

Now you may not immediately recognize the name Shawn Johnson and all that really means is you don’t really follow gymnastics or the Olympics.

In 2008, Johnson took home the gold medal for her artistic work on the balance beam and in 2009, she joined as a competitor on Dancing with the Stars.

By 2012, the former Des Moines starlet announced her retirement from gymnastics, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still follow her. On December 17th, 2015, Shawn turned to YouTube to remain engaged with her fans.

The channel, which follows Shawn’s life after gymnastics, reached 100,000 subscribers less than 4 months after her introductory video.

Celebrities With YouTube Channels

9. Jeffree Star

To those closest to him, he grew up as Jeffrey Lynn Steininger. Post-high school graduation, Jeffree moved to Los Angeles and began enjoying the nightlife scene dressed in high heels and dresses.

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Before long, modelling gigs came his way, and though his success earned him continued modelling and music video appearances, there was a viable market that the star hadn’t touched on yet.

Three years after his career launched, Star took to YouTube, posting his first video in April of 2009.

From make-up tutorials to feuds with former BFF Kat Von D, the channel and the over 2 million subscribers serve as another means for Star to immortalize his fame.

Celebrities With YouTube Channels

8. Doug Benson

Since 1986, comedian and actor Doug Benson have been enjoying the limelight with roles in popular media like Return of the living dead Part II.

Friends, and Curb Your Enthusiasm, but his greatest success started with his stand-up comedy.

And maybe being an advocate for the legalization of marijuana helped a little.

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Looking to expand his reach, Benson launched Getting Doug with High, a channel devoted to a series of interviews where the titular host gets high with his guests.

Benson’s unique channel launched in September of 2013 and has been pulling in its fair share of views, with almost 400,000 subscribers gained by August of 2016.

7. Joan Rivers

Controversial comic Joan Rivers didn’t really need another outlet to spread herself out to, but that didn’t stop her from taking to YouTube in March of 2013 with In Bed with Joan.

The unruly comic simply refused to quit, dominating reality television, QVC, and the stage essentially up until her final days in 2014.

In Bed with Joan, which aired its last episode a little over a week prior to River’s death, was a raunchy talk show where the feisty host continued to pull no punches.

The channel had a year and a half to grow and caught the attention of just under 80,000 subscribers.

6. Chris Hardwick

Today, he may be widely known for being the host of The Walking Dead inspired talk show, The Talking Dead, but Hardwick’s fame came long before the dead started to rise.

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Starting as a DJ in Los Angeles during the mid-’90s, Hardwick turned to act and hosting, starring in the short-lived comedy guys.

Like Us, Rob Zombie’s House of 1,000 Corpses, and serving as host of MTV’s singled out and E!’s Web Soup, among many other projects.

All of those years of hard work paid off when, in 2010, Hardwick started the “Nerdist” podcast.

While the podcast’s YouTube channel is has been inactive since 2013, the success of the cast itself launched Nerdist Industries, which encompasses an actively growing YouTube channel that Hardwick continues to make appearances.

5. Sarah Silverman

When you’ve already proven yourself as an actress and comedic figure, what more is there to do with your life? Retire?

Travel the world? Maybe throw another thing on your plate in the form of a very needed YouTube channel?

In September of 2012, Silverman posted a silly confession video that started a series of22 infrequently posted skits.

Though the channel banner promises new content each month, keeping up with the posting schedule proved to be difficult starting April of 2014.

Since then, there hasn’t been a steady timetable with month-long gaps in between videos.

4. Amy Poehler

Amy Poehler may best be known for her goofball antics on Saturday Night Live and portrayal of dedicated park deputy director Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation, but her success doesn’t stop with television and film.

In May of 2012, Poehler and producer MeredithWalker launched Smart Girls, a YouTube channel dedicated to assisting “young people to cultivate their authentic selves.”

In other words, it serves as a place where the world’s youth can learn to be comfortable with themselves.

As the name would indicate, it has an extremely heavy female presence, featuring strong female figures like Geena Davis, Kristin Sudeikis, and, of course, Miss Poehler herself.

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3. Dwayne Johnson

Do you smell what the Rock is cooking? Probably not, because it’s really difficult to smell a budding YouTube channel.

On March 8th, 2016, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson with Dany Garcia launched Seven Bucks Productions, a channel that was supposed to be devoted to the production company’s exploits in television, film, and other digital media.

As of July 2016, the channel has been completely inactive, though The Rock’s own channel, aptly named “The Rock,” seems to be where the duo aims to present Seven Bucks Digital Studios.

The Rock launched his channel back in 2005 but didn’t keep it active until June of 2016, where the subscriber count skyrocketed from 60,000 to over 1 million.

It seems Johnson’s boisterous personality may have found a suitable home in the worlds leading video hosting service.

2. Snoop Dogg

Everybody’s favourite marijuana-loving rapper erupted into the music industry in 1992 with the help of Dr Dre.

Born Cordozar Calvin Broadus, Jr. the wanna-be musician knew a name change was in order and, when he started recording, he adopted the moniker of Snoop Doggy Dogg.

With his musical career well underway, SnoopDogg decided to turn to YouTube with his channel, WestFestTV.

From May of 2008, Snoop has been providing his fans with an additional means to enjoy his music, even offering behind-the-scenes looks, interviews, and plenty of videos of Snoop Dogg… well, is Snoop Dogg.

1. Steve-O

When your entire career is based on your desire and ability to pull off incredibly idiotic stunts, it’s not easy to turn things around and start a career as, say, a mild-mannered talk show host.

That’s probably why Steve-O of Jackass is still up to his ridiculous antics on a youtube channel that caters to an audience of 3 million and growing.

There are no surprises to Steve-O’s 2013 return to the spotlight as the performer goes right back to what he’s best known for.

Each video showcases a new stunt that only a former member of Jackass (and a fool) would attempt to pull off.

While Steve-O has clearly aged since we first met him almost 2 decades ago, the popularity of his stunts plainly has not, as most have effortlessly broken 1 million views.

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