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Top 10 Amazing Facts About Latvia

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We’re going to highlight ten facts about the Baltic country of Latvia from one of the oldest national flags in existence to the discovery of citric acid we’re going to explore ten fascinating facts about Latvia.

Top 10 Amazing Facts About Latvia

Facts About Latvia

10. Latvia’s National Flag

the national flag of Latvia was used by the independent nation from 1918 until 1940when the country was under Soviet Union occupation On February 27 1990 the previous banner consisting of a white-red colour scheme was chosen to remain Latvia’s national flag although officially adopted in 1922.

The Latvian flag was flown as early as the 13thcentury one source points out that the overwhelming use of red symbolizes the Latvian people’s readiness to shed blood for freedom and liberty.

Another interpretation of the origins of the flag comes from 1279 when a Latvian leader was mortally wounded in battle he was wrapped in a white sheet which then became blood-stained the white stripe running through the centre is said to represent that white sheet and the red around it the brave warriors’ blood. 

9. Tragedy Strikes

Latvia’sformer prime minister baldest Dombrowski’s resigned in November 272013 just days after the roof of a supermarket in Riga collapsed this terrible tragedy reportedly killed fifty individuals and wounded another forty it was the worst disaster.

Since the country declared independence from the Soviet Union in 1991 and is only slightly less gripping than the sinking of the Latvian ship Mayakovsky on August 13 1950.

This event cost the lives of some 147 people 48 of which were children prime minister Dombrowski’s took the blame for the deaths of those 54 people.

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Because of the fact that his administration abolished state-building inspections- budget cuts now that’s something you don’t hear about every day a politician owning up to their mistakes

8. Latvian inventions

Among the more popular Latvian inventions is the production of citric acid in 1948 Latvian scientists found a way to produce the weak acid from molasses using microbiological biosynthesis.

For the majority of our viewers, this may not mean a whole lot but citric acid is all around us from the foods we eat to the medications we take it even makes its way into our hair through shampoo and conditioning products.

Now for those of you who are interested in exploring the great unknown of our universe Friedrich Zanderis one Latvian inventor that you may have heard about he was born on August 11th 1888 in Riga Latvia.

Xander attended a seven-year high school program at which time he became fascinated with spaceflight the young man went on to make many theoretical contributions to science.

And is credited for the design of the first liquid-fueled rocket to be launched in the Soviet Union. Friedrich Zander is best known for his yearning to visit places far above our atmosphere he is remembered by the saying forward to Mars.

7. One Of The fastest-growing European economies

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in the past several years Latvia has gained recognition for having one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic economies in Europe.

Between 1995 and 2007 Latvia’s economy has grown by an average rate of 7.6 per cent per year one source attributes that success to effective price and trade liberalisation and financial sector reform since the1990s.

Latvia ranked 21st worldwide in the Ease of Doing Business Index and it belongs to a group of very high human development countries that gives Latvia.

Such an advantage is its geography transit services are very highly developed and so is the wood processing industry in 2006 and 2007own Latvia’s GDP increased by more than 10 per cent. 

6. Tall Women 

Yanis MSHA Nova was born on March 9 1952. in set-aside Lithuania, she grew up to tower over nearly everyone she came in contact with even men.

Height was 6 feet 11 inches or 2.1 meters she was the leading women basketball player throughout the 1970s and 80s. And won gold in the 1976 and 1980 Olympic Games.

Well Jean is a gem Genova grew at such a rate that she was forced to wear size 21 men’s shoes. This makes her the record holder for the biggest feat ever in women basketball.

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In 1993 she became the first-ever woman inducted into the basketball hall of Fame from outside the United States. 

5. Latvian Cuisine

Latvian cuisine consists primarily of agricultural products with meat being the staple of most dishes. Various types of fish are consumed due to Latvia’s location on the east coast of the Baltic Sea.

Potatoes, cabbage and onions are all grown within the country and are used for a large majority of their dishes.

Although it may seem unusual and even gross to many of us Latvians love their cold beet soup this is served with a meat cutlet and aside from pot cooked cabbage.

All topped off with a pickled cucumber sour milk has even made its way into the mix and has made its way into the Latvian dairy industry. Where it is used to make yoghurt and other drinks another very popular Latvian drink is Riga black balsam.

A pharmacist created the concoction during the 18th-century when he mixed 24 different ingredients into oak barrels a punch is made by combining1 part black balsam with four parts black currant juice and a pinch of clove.

This should be mixed with vodka which only helps to give it a little kick and bring out its 24 various ingredients which include raspberry nutmeg birch bud and bilberry.

4. Most Donuts

Performed simultaneously Latvia doesn’t often make headlines. But there are a few special circumstances on September 7/2012.

The Latvian drift Association set the world record for most cars doing doughnuts simultaneously 107 automobiles.

Perform the stunt in the bikini Akisports complex near Riga Latvia is capital in total 115 automobiles took part in the record-breaking attempt. But of those eight were cut out of the mix for failure to follow the guidelines.

Or other infringement not allowing for a proper doughnut to be made the previous record was set in Sonoma California.

Latvian Sports
Latvian Sports

3. Latvian sports

If there’s one thing Latvians love more than anything else it’s their sports teams. Ice hockey is the most popular among all.

Each spring when the country’s national team is playing in the World Championships huge celebrations is held no matter the outcome.

In 2014 Latvia reached the quarterfinals of the Winter Olympics only to be outmatched by Team Canada.

Another increasingly popular sport is tracked more specifically marathon running. The Riga marathon is an annual road race that covers roughly 26 miles or 42 kilometres.

This is one of the fastest-growing marathons in northern Europe and has reached over 20,000 participants each year.

Other Latvian sports include strongmen competitions and automobile racing.

2. Latvian Born Crocodile

Dundee Arvid Blumenthal was born in Doon Daga Latvia in 1925. In 1942 Blumenthal joined the 25th battalion babas on the eastern.

The front was badly wounded in battle yet his life was spared in 1951 the young man moved to Australia in order to pursue his passion for hunting and exploration.

His adventures are told up in several different books one of which being Latvian Crocodile Hunter in Australia. It is said that Blumenthal may have been the precursor or even the prototype crocodile.

Dundee is featured in the 1986 film although not so much is known about Blumenthal other than poaching crocodiles. 

Facts About Latvia

1. The Baltic Way The Balticway

Baltic Chain was a peaceful demonstration across all three states Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

It occurred on August 23 1989 with approximately two million people forming a human chain that stretched over 419 miles or 675 kilometres.

These protests were in memory of the 50th anniversary of the unwanted occupation of the Baltic States by foreign powers as a result of the Molotov Ribbentrop.

The pact between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany such an event was organized by Balticpro-independence campaigners and groups or political parties.

From each of the three nations, this was done to draw global attention to their desire to remain free the date which this took place as mentioned before August 23rd.

Is remembered as black ribbon day it is also known as the European Day of remembrance for victims of Stalinism and Nazism.

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