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Top 10 Surprising Facts About Sweden You Don’t Know About It

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During our time here on blogrito. We’ve learned a lot about many different cultures and people from all around the world. Today we will learn about the top 10 Surprising Facts About Sweden countries.

Countries that have great and beautiful back Landscapes and people that are always working for the greater cause and one country that represents this is Sweden.

We are looking at one of the most interesting countries Sweden and one of my favourite countries is Sweden.

 Facts About Sweden

Top 10 Surprising Facts About Sweden

And I don’t like it just for its beautiful woman, but I like it for so many other facts as well. So for those who are joining us for the first time. We recommendations you follows us on Facebook. 

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10. First Ice Hotel

Although many countries have recently adopted the idea of ice hotels. The Swedes were the first to come up with this concept.

The idea was first put into play in 1990 just north of the Swedish town key Run. Since then the ice hotel is rebuilt every year and is open from December through April.

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When completed the hotel features a bar Church. Main hall reception area and rooms and suites for over 100 guests visitors.

Can expect many ice sculptures an ice restaurant and even drinking glasses made from price.

9. Unique Holidays

Swedes celebrate Christmas Easter midsummer and fury us Eve but almost as important are the days celebrating various foods.

The Swedes will celebrate Shrove Tuesday which in Sweden calls for a Simla waffle day on March 25th and cinnamon bun day on October 4th.

One can feel free to gorge on, said food all day long without feeling guilt

8. Roadside Souvenirs

A popular souvenir in Sweden is the road sign for moose crossing. Every year a huge number of these signs are stolen from Swedish roads.

The Swedish transport administration doesn’t keep a tally as to how many are stolen every year.

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But you could expect to pay a hefty fine and even spend a few days in jail for this offence.

The irony of it all is that the login’ land Swedish souvenir shop sells replicas elk signs that you’d find on the road but that doesn’t deter many tourists from stealing their own.

7. Swedish Inventions As Of 2007

The Swedes have been involved with and responsible for having over 33,000 patents.

The most innovative of which include the zipper marine propeller refrigerator pacemaker dynamite and the 3-point seatbelts.

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6. Equality For All

Openness inequality is a very important concept for the Swedish people. Homosexual relations have been legal since 1944.

And same-sex couples have been able to adopt since 2003 while getting married has been legal since 2009.

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The country was the first in the world with freedom of the press adopted in 1766 and is at the top of global press freedom rankings.

Furthermore, the freedom to roam law allows the citizens of Sweden to travel freely in many areas that are considered private.

5. English Speaking

It comes as no surprise that the national language of Sweden is Swedish. However, what is surprising to many is that nearly every citizen in Sweden speaks fluent English.

Many immigrant sand vacationers have reported that they get by perfectly fine without speaking a lick of Swedish.

Although there is no official way to test this theory many people claim that the Swedes speak the best English out of any country in the world, where English is their second language

4. Technologically Inclined

More recent Swedish inventions include Spotify and Skype. Skype was introduced by Danish entrepreneur Janosfries.

And Swedish entrepreneur Nicholas Instrum the platform was recently sold to Microsoft in 2011 for a shocking 8.5billion US dollars.

Spotify, on the other hand, was invented by Swedish entrepreneurs Daniel Eck and Martin Lorenson.

Although there have been discussions of Facebook buying the company to this day it is still privately owned Spotify currently has a staggering 40 million users and climbing.

3. Paid Vacations In Sweden

And this come sat number 3 in our lists of top 10 Surprising Facts About Sweden. According to the annual leave Act of 1977, all employees are entitled to 25 days of leave every fiscal year.

Daycare cost is based on your income with a government-imposed maximum. Which comes out to about 1/10 of what Americans pay for their daycare programs.

Parents get a total of 13 months of paid leave and will receive nearly 78 per cent of their income.

As if they were working parents are also given the option to take these days off as they wish until the child turns eight years old.

Surprising Facts About Sweden

2. Christmas Traditions

Christmas trees are usually brought into Swedish homes one or two days before Christmas decorations.

This includes candles apples Swedish flags small gnomes and straw ornaments. The house may be filled with red tulips or goat shaped gingerbread biscuits.

After Christmas Eve dinner a friend or family member dresses up as Tom key or the Christmas gnome the to, unlike Santa Claus.

Is supposed to live under the floorboards of the house or barn and ride a straw goat the make-believe.

Humpty wearing a white beard and dressed in red robes distributes gifts from his sack many are given with a funny rhyme.

That hints at the contents Swedes usually eat light treated codfish and welcomed the Christmas elves.

And the jewel box which is the Christmas goat who is responsible for the distribution of the presents. You are reading this article about Surprising Facts About Sweden.

1. Military And Lingo Berry Jam

Wallabies want a great military power Sweden has remained neutral in every war since 1814.

This includes World Wars 1 & 2 a completely unrelated topic but just as interesting is the Swedes enjoy lingonberry jam.

Which is widely used to accompany a variety of dishes including meatballs, pancakes, porridge and black pudding.

Finally, much of the world will enjoy the occasional lobster or a crab dinner.

The Swedes will pig out on a meal of crayfish or what they call crab scuba.

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