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Top 10 Strange Terrifying Diseases

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Welcome to Top 10 Lists Have you ever known a hypochondriac? A friend who is always searching their symptoms on WebMD, finding out whether they’re dying or not?

How fun is it going to be when you send them this list of the Top 10 Strange Terrifying Diseases that they can panic about?

If you end up enjoying this article, let us know by giving your view in the comment section, tell us if you know anyone with a rare and strange terrifying disease. 

Top 10 Strange Terrifying Diseases You’ve Never Heard Of

Strange Terrifying Diseases

10. Trimethylaminuria

No, you’re not going to die from this one. Unless you need a social life, then you might be out of luck.

Those who suffer from Trimethylaminuria have a permanent pathological, irreversible, incurable…ok, ok I’m getting to it, the scent of rotting fish. This also calls Fish Odor Syndrome.

The disease is linked to metabolism, which is in charge of breaking down trimethylamine.

Without this ability, it builds up and then excretes through sweat, saliva, and even your urine.

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It’s not like when you eat asparagus, either. It’s much worse. At one point, I imagine you just move to a fishing village and blame it on the air.

9. Guinea Worm

Is it me or does this disease have an adorable name? Little guinea worm. However, it’s also called Dracunculiasis, not quite so cute.

It’s also better fitting. Here’s how it happens. You think you’re thirsty and the water you’re drinking can’t possibly be that dirty.

Then, you swallow a tiny worm and it makes a home in your digestive tract for a full year.

Then, it turns into something even worse. Worse than a growing worm in your body? Yes.

It moves over to one of your limbs, call it a little vacation, and makes a huge, painful blister. It starts making its way out slowly and painfully through one end of the blister.

Don’t try to pull it out, it’ll break and then recoil back into your body. Somebody stop the horror!

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Strange Terrifying Diseases


This disease, called body integrity identity disorder, or BIID, makes totally normal people become just a little bit… insane.

Hey, there’s no problem with being mentally ill, but with this illness, sufferers believe that one of their body parts aren’t actually theirs.

It’s so intense and specific that some people can actually draw a line where the limb feels foreign.

Some have even gotten to the point where they have it surgically removed. The cause? Their brain hasn’t entirely mapped out their body mentally so they’re left feeling like it shouldn’t be there.

Even though we know the cause, we do know how to cure it. However, amputation actually seems to work so, maybe it’s not always minded over matter.

7. Congenital Insensitivity to Pain

How do you know when there’s something wrong with your body? You feel pain, right? Or as the doctors like to call it, “a little discomfort”.

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Well, not if you have this disease. You might be walking around with a hatchet stuck in the back of your head and not even know because you have Congenital Insensitivity to pain.

It may seem like a lot of fun, especially for a kid. Though people with this illness don’t live very long because they don’t even notice the very thing that ends up killing them.

Whether it’s an injury, a serious symptom, or even get serious eye damage after not removing things that fell into their eyes. Who knew it went that far?

6. Pica Sufferers

Pica Sufferers of this rare and strange terrifying disease start having urges to eat things that aren’t food.

Usually, it’s triggered by a particularly difficult and stressful time in their lives. Sometimes, even pregnancy or mineral deficiency can cause it.

Which makes sense, like your body wants to find the minerals in just about anything.

The disease branches out into a bunch of different types of urges but some of the stranger ones include chalk, faeces, glass, mucus, paint, and a lot of other disgusting and awful things.

Some people even eat metal! Like the patient in Missouri, who had almost 1500 metal pieces in their stomachs. Unfortunately, they didn’t make it.

strange terrifying diseases

5. Cancrum Oris

More commonly called Noma, this disease is actually gangrene on your face. For some awful reason, it’s frequently found in children.

The chances of survival aren’t great. 80% of those who have it die, mostly because, grab your barf bag, the illness eats the tissue around your jaw.

It’s caused by an infection that takes advantage of malnourished children. It’s especially common around areas where there is unclean water, poor hygiene, and where farm animals are constantly nearby.

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What’s worse? This disease takes advantage of those who are already down, like HIV+ children. Did we say rare and strange terrifying diseases? Let’s add depressing to that description.

strange terrifying diseases

4. Morgellon’s Disease

Not very old at all, this disease you won’t find mentions of in many history books. This one causes you to have one of the most disturbing sensations.

Have you ever had an itch you can’t find, let alone scratch? Well, those who suffer from Morgellon’s Disease feel like there are critters crawling, biting, and even stinging them just below the surface of their skin.

This horrible sensation causes many worse side effects than you can imagine. Their constant urge to scratch keeps them from sleeping and having normal lives.

The worst part? Scientists can’t even figure out why it is happening, so there’s no cure.

strange terrifying diseases

3. Fecal Vomiting

There’s really no leading into this disease subtly after that title. So, turns out that if you have some sort of intestinal block, the mushed up food can even make it through your system.

But it has to get out somehow doesn’t it? So it pushes its way back in the other direction. It goes back into your stomach, then your body decides it needs to get rid of it the nearest way possible.

So you vomit what has actually already been packed and prepared as actual faeces.

It smells and tastes (we think) like faecal matter, and… yeah, it’s disgusting. How backed up do you have to be for this to happen? Asking for a friend.

This is probably the most disgusting one forme, if you agree, make a note to be good to your gut.

2. Madura Foot

An athlete’s foot is gross, but if an athlete has it, it somehow makes it a little less unattractive? Like you earned it by being talented at something.

Madura foot, on the other hand, is a chronic fungal disease. Instead of just a little bit of fungus, you have a whole jungle of crap on your feet.

You can get it working on farms, where spores spread from soil to any open wounds on your feet.

They take root, painlessly, and cause- barf bag alert- milky discharge for up to a year.

You can call that your year of celibacy. The puss will come from little nodules all over your feet that actually don’t even stick to the skin, but also go all the way to the bone.

Of course, like all terrifying diseases, there is no cure, just treatment or in the worst of all cases, amputation.

So next time Uncle Paul asks you to come to help out on the farm, share this video with him and ask him to get his feet checked.

strange terrifying diseases

1. Fatal Familial Insomnia

This may seem tame from the name, but you can actually die. Have you ever had nights so rough you can sleep?

Maybe you were stressed or anxious and simply lost the ability to doze off? Imagine that’s your life every single night. This condition, which you can actually inherit, is untreatable and starts around age 50.

The lack of sleep makes day and night blend together, your consciousness and subconsciousness merge and within a few months you’re delirious, you can’t eat, you go crazy and then you die.

Usually, after you get it, you’ll live another 7-8 tragic and terrifying months. What’s worse? Sleeping pills make it worse, speeding up the disease. So, if you’ve been having trouble sleeping, maybe it’s time to take a good look at your health.

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