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Top 10 Most Expensive House In The World And Their Owners

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Where would you live if you were incredibly rich? Somewhere humble? Or would you go all out and find the Most Expensive House In The World that money could buy?

Top 10 Most Expensive House In The World

Most Expensive House

If it’s opulence you want from your future dream home, then you’re going to want to go shopping off of this list of the top ten houses only the richest can afford.

10. Golden Mile Beachfront Property, Marbella, Spain

Have an extra $95 million to spare? No? Well, that’s a shame. You’re missing out on this 10-bedroom, 17-bathroom modest mansion in Marbella, Spain.

Over 43,000 sqft of luxurious space includes a private heated pool, a private garage, a breathtaking beach view, private cinema, lift, cascading waterfall, sauna, and library.

Oh, there’s also a medical room and staff accommodations. You know, like every fancy home should have.

9. The Seaside Palace, Istanbul, Turkey

$95 million can buy you a lot of things. Like 60,126,582 packs of gum. Or 45,238,095 grande hot coffees from Starbucks. Or, now hear me out, you could buy this one seaside palace that’s 5-stories-high and more than 26,000 sqft (2,500 sqm) of enclosed space.

The lot breaks 43,000 sqft (4,000 sqm) and includes views of the hills of Turkey and 360’ (110 m) of the seaside border.

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The building is an elegant baroque style with 23 spacious bedrooms, 8 comfortable bathrooms, and more living rooms than there are blind mice.

8. Fifth Avenue Duplex, New York City, NY

If you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere. Clearly, because making it in New York City apparently means shelling out $120 million for a co-op.

Dubbed the “most expensive home for sale” in New York City in 2016, this fifth avenue duplex spreads over 12,000 sqft (1,114 sqm) and features a wine cellar, a grand marble staircase, a gallery, and a spacious master suite that you could get lost in.

The home was last owned by American banker and businessman John Gutfreund.

7. Palazzata, Speightstown, Barbados

80,729 sqft (7,432 sqm) of space that none of us will ever get a chance to live in will cost us $125 million that we’ll never have. Well, at least we have the internet to marvel at this Barbados luxury estate.

Equipped with its own fitness centre, clubhouse, eight private lifts, underground parking, spa, coffee shop, health club, boat facilities, wine storage, and laundry room, it’s no wonder someone would pay quite a sum for it.

6. One Hyde Park Penthouse, Knightsbridge, United Kingdom

The last time this Knightsbridge penthouse sold in 2014, was for the small sum of $237 million (£177 million). Chump change. Easy peasy.

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I make that in a day! But they keep losing my check in the mail! Arrrrgh! But you can bet when my check comes in, I’ll be heading off to London to put an offer on this 16,000 sqft (1,486 sqm) duplex penthouse.

The views of Hyde Park and the beautiful Mandarin Oriental hotel are to-die-for while the amenities in the apartment complex ensure I won’t get bored anytime soon. Andddd …. dreamtime is over.Sad face again.

5. Great Island, Connecticut

Why just buy a house when I can get out there and buy an entire island that comes with a house? On the secluded lands of Great Island sits 63 acres of rich land connected to civilization by one land bridge.

The house on the island was built in 1902 and features six bedrooms. The lot is brimming with extras like a yacht basin, small houses scattered on the property, an exercise track, and immediate beach access, and this northeastern paradise can be yours for the small sum of $175 million.

4. The Bel-Air Spec Manor, Los Angeles, California

At $250 million, the Bel-Air Spec Manor in Los Angeles was the most expensive home ever listed in the United States.

The included helicopter, car, art collection, and full-time staff members that come with the purchase may have something to do with the exorbitant price.

The 38,000 sqft (3,530 sqm) abode is four stories tall and was designed with 12 individual bedrooms and almost one bathroom per bedroom.

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The seven staff members make use of the three kitchens while you get some use out of the four-lane bowling alley, 40-seat entertainment room and 30’ television, and a glass-themed game room with glass ping-pong, foosball, and pool tables.

3. Villa Les Cedres, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France

Originally built in 1830 off the coast of saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, this timeless, expansive mansion sits on 35 acres of land and houses 14 bedrooms, multiple sitting rooms, and a library.

Of course, that’s not all there is to this $410 million home, which sits on 18,000 sqft(1,672 sqm).

It’ll be difficult to decide whether you should be engrossed in the lush greenery and incredible hilltop views offered on this lot – or the lavish interior. Either way, it seems to be well worth the money.. that we won’t ever have.

2. Villa la Leopolda, Cote D’Azure, France

In 2008, when this French villa was last on the market, it sold for $750 million. Yeah, I had to stop and catch my breath, too.

Though its price may seem ridiculous, it was apparently reason enough for Lily Safra, a Brazilian philanthropist who apparently got all of her wealth the old-fashioned way … by getting married!

When Safra bought the detached villa, she became a part of the building’s lengthy history, which began when its construction was completed in 1931 on an estate that once belonged to King Leopold II of Belgium.

The expansive grounds have everything a person would need, though you’d have to find a way past its current Russian billionaire owner, who purchased the property from Safra.

1. Antila, Mumbai, India

Where would you stick your 27-story high,$2 billion home? Right in the middle of a destitute neighbourhood, that’s where! Oh, no? You wouldn’t? Why, is it because that’s weird?

Well, you’re going to have to talk to Mukesh Ambani, India’s richest man, and the world’s sixth-richest, who thought the 400,000 sqft (37,161 sqm) livable Antila tower needed to be constructed in a poverty-stricken region of India.

The building is equipped for six people and houses six parking lots, an ice room with man-made snow, a spa and yoga studio, and a host of bedrooms and bathrooms. Oh, and a helipad. You know. Just because.

Thanks for reading! Just remember, don’t get too envious. The bottom line is that all of these places are just boxes to live in … just really nice boxes. And remember to always be thankful if you have a place to call home, no matter how humble.

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