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Who Is Considered The Most Evil Man In History?

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Where do you fall on the debate that people are inherently good or bad? Do you think human nature tends one way or the other? I often can’t make up my mind but preparing the list for you today had me thinking maybe humanity isn’t that good at all.

Today’s list is all about the top 10 most evil men in history: who they are, what they did, and, well, just the very worst of humanity. And who is considered the most evil man or most evil person in history?

Top 10 Most Evil Man In History

Most Evil Man

10. Genghis Khan

Genghis is much different than everyone else on this list, in that he wasn’t exactly evil in the same way. Alright, hear us out. Sure, because of his Mongol Conquests, which lasted 199 years, an estimated 40-80 million men, women, and children were killed for no reason other than he wanted to take over the world.

Which, by death count, could by far put him in the number one spot on this list. But here’s how he’s different. he hated everyone equally. But seriously, all jokes aside, he did more than just father 16 million descendants alive today and kill 11% of the world population at the time.

He was very tolerant of every religion, created one of the first international postal systems, is credited with bringing the Silk Road under one cohesive political environment, and would normally always give his enemies a chance to surrender and join his army.

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He was also a huge advocate of Meritocracy- a political system in which people are rewarded by their skills and talents, rather than social class or wealth, where no family is allowed to build inheritance, and all political parties are abolished.

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What do you think about Genghis khan most evil person in history, let me know in the comment section.

9. Ivan the Terrible

You can’t end up with an epithet like “Ivan the Terrible” and actually be “Ivan the nicer when you get to know him”. Ivan was Russia’s first Tsar and was a horrible human from childhood when it’s said he’d throw animals off from the tops of buildings.

Nobody really knows what made him so evil, because he was truly a smart child. It’s said that he often had rage tantrums and many think he suffered from a mental illness.

During one of his fits of rage, he killed his eldest son and heir to the throne, Ivan Ivanovich. Why? Because young Ivan attempted to stop his father from killing his unborn child, which he was unable to do. Some of his favourite evil activities included beheading, burning, strangling, frying, blinding, and disembowelling people.

He was very paranoid, thinking the worst of those close to him, and maybe he was right to. He ended up dying from a stroke while playing chess with Russian Statesman, Bogdan Belsky. After he killed thousands of people, his own son, and his unborn grandchild, I’m not sure many were sad to see him go.

8. Idi Amin

Perhaps, someone you never heard of, Idi Amin served as the President of Uganda from 1971to 1979. He took control of the country when President Obote left to visit Singapore for a meeting.

Does this not sound like well-written fiction? As all coups go, he promised, with his leadership, to bring prosperity to the country, and just declared himself the new President.

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His colloquial title, however, was more akin to what he actually achieved. They called him the “Butcher of Uganda”, and for fun, he would kill people by feeding them to crocodiles.

He killed one of his wives by, quote: “rearranging her limbs”, whatever that means, and throughout his regime, he was responsible for the deaths of 100,000 to 500,000 people.

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Idi Amin somehow also made it long enough to die of natural causes by hiding out in Saudi Arabia. By the end of his life, he truly thought Ugandahad needed the “prosperity” he brought and never expressed remorse for what he did.

7. Ismail Enver Pasha

A name that even history-buffs probably won’t recognize, but nevertheless we should never forget who he was and what he did. Pasha was a military officer and Minister of War of the Ottoman Empire, and a leader of the 1908 Young Turk Revolution.

He was the leader in both the Balkan Wars(1912–13) and in World War I (1914–18).

He commanded both the Second Battle of Adrianople and the Battle of Şarköy, which led to roughly40,000 deaths. Along with Talaat Pasha, he was one of the main perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide, which led to the deaths of roughly 1.5 million, of the Assyrian Genocide, which killed roughly300,000 people, and of the Greek Genocide, which took an estimated 350,000 innocent Greek lives.

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Throughout his life, Pasha is said to be responsible for the deaths of over 2 million people. At the age of 40, Pasha got involved in the Basmachi Movement to assist with the Soviet war effort, where he subsequently died from a bullet wound to the heart by enemy fire.

6. Kim Jon-Sung

Kim Jon-Sung was the dictator of North Korea responsible for the Korean War, which resulted in the deaths of around 5 million people,40,000 of which were U.S soldiers, which were aiding South Korea.

He was the first of many North Korean dictators to brainwash his people to idolize him. His son, Kim Jon-il, followed in his footsteps and now Kim Jong-un is the latest in the saga of the North Korean horror novel series.

In their time ruling North Korea, the Kimdictators have been responsible for millions of deaths, mass starvation, brainwashing, and torture in the likes of which makes them the most horrible people who have ever lived.

5. Pol Pot

Ivan the Terrible may be a well-known evil man but have you ever heard of Pol Pot? He was a Cambodian revolutionary who served as leader of the Khmer Rouge from 1963 to1997.

The Khmer Rouge was a revolutionary group from the country’s Communist Party of Kampuchea. While he was leading the party, he organized a mass genocide of his own countrymen.

He resigned as Prime Minister for 3 years in the late 1970s, which resulted in around 2million deaths. He liked death so much, he’d keep the skulls of people he’d killed as trophies. Shockingly, he wasn’t murdered in vengeance for any of his horrible acts, but rather dying of natural causes.

4. Adolf Hitler

I know what you’re thinking, 4 on this list!? Whenever we think or talk about the most evil human in history, Adolf Hitler is usually the first person we think of. But, we hate to say it, when talking about death count, Hitler’s numbers kind of pale in comparison.

Don’t get us wrong, he was a psychopath, sociopath, narcissistic, racist, and had one of the worst moustaches in history. He essentially started World War II by invading Poland in 1939 and was the main figure behind the horrors of the Holocaust, which killed over 6 million Jews, homosexual people, and other marginalized communities.

What most people forget, is he also killed an estimated 2-3 million Polish Jews, which brings Hitler’s total death count between7 and 9 million people.

Unlike most people on this list, his demise was escalated by those who opposed him, having allegedly committed suicide in 1945 by taking a cyanide pill and then shooting himself in the head. Just 7 days after his death, Germany surrendered from WWII.

3. Leopold II of Belgium

Ruling from 1865 to 1909, Leopold the II, King of Belgium, is mainly remembered for his horrible leadership, but his existence is shrouded in conspiracies, with many people still thinking he wasn’t really that bad of a guy.

There are many statues and busts of him throughout Europe today, although many have been vandalized and are scheduled to be taken down.

He’s responsible for the exploitation of the Congo Free State, a project he created that used forced labour to extract rubber and ivory in the Congo and caused the deaths of an estimated 10 million locals, which was an estimated 50% of the local population at the time.

He saw a huge demand for rubber with the production explosion of bicycle and vehicle tires and realized most of that rubber came from the congo. Truly a for-profit human, he saw other ethnicities scum and cared little about their clear demise and inhumane treatment.

Luckily his countrymen weren’t proud of his rule and he was buried to the sounds of his people booing him.

One of the more gruesome photos tied to Leopold II is this 1904 depiction of a father staring at the hand and foot of his 5-year-old daughter, severed as a punishment for harvesting too little rubber, which was the main tactic used in forcing slaves to meet their quotas.

2. Josef Stalin

Stalin was Georgian and led the Soviet Union between the 1920s and 1953, and was a huge advocate of purging mass amounts of people at once.

The true number is unknown and highly debated, but an estimated 20 million people lost their lives because of him, either directly or indirectly, or by a chain of events.

Being a leader of violence, for thirty years partook in the horrible practice of ethnic cleansing, executions, and famines that killed millions of his own people.

The “Great Purge” is a highlight of Stalin’s, where he ordered the killings of over 1 million people, most of which were upper-middle-class people because he figured the poorer the people, the less power they ultimately have.

Unlike other dictators who mainly killed their enemies, Stalin was so evil that he’d even kill his most loyal supporters, which is why many historians pen him as the most politically powerful man in history.

1. Mao Zedong

From 1943 to 1979, Mao was a dictator in China for those 36 years. He dreamed of making China a huge success worldwide and stopped at nothing to attempt it.

His actions led China to modernize and perhaps become the economic powerhouse that it is now, but along the way, he killed an untraceable amount of people through forced labour, executions, and starvation.

Mao’s legacy is akin to a typical presidential election, where half of the people think he’s the greatest man to ever live, and the other half thought he was the worst.

Historians tend to agree he was responsible for driving imperialism out of China, nearly doubling the population, improving women’s rights, education, and health systems, as well as drastically increasing the life expectancy from 35 to 63 years old.

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Despite this, which very well could be propaganda or the misuse of data, historians also agree he was perhaps the most ruthless leader in recorded history, having been responsible for the deaths of some 40 to 80 million people.

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