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The 12 Scariest and Most Dangerous Roads in the World

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Most roads service simple utility getting people from one place to another the vast majority of roads are unremarkable and pragmatic but sometimes roads cut through remote corners of the world that boggle the mind today we’re looking at the most dangerous roads in the world. 

Across the globe, drivers take their lives in their hands cruising across unstable, unkempt, and unbelievably unsafe roadways. Join us for this palm-sweating instalment as we travel the 10 scariest roads in the world.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads In The World Lists

Most Dangerous Roads

10. Stelvio Pass

Italy Acrophobics may want to do everything they can to avoid driving down Italy’s Stelvio Pass.

Not only is it at an elevation of 9,045 feet or 2,756 meters high, making it the highest paved road in the Eastern Alps.

But its twisting corners do a poor job of hiding every inch of the 6,138-foot or 1,871-meter trek down.

Sixty hairpin turns to add a true challenge to this stretch of road, and though it is far from some of the world’s most dangerous roads.

Every winding curve down the steep decline will have average drivers pumping the brakes a bit more frequently than normal.

9. Lippincott Mine Road

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If you’re cruising down Lippincott Mine Road in Eastern California, chances are you aren’t joyriding in your new Honda Civic.

This 8.2 mile or 1.6-kilometre dirt trail drops from an elevation of 3,876 to 2,256feet or 1,181 to 687 meters, but it’s no easy ride down.

A single lane of uneven dirt and large rocks “paves” the way for 4-wheel drive vehicles as driver’s clinch the wheel tight.

Doing everything they can to avoid slipping off the road and rolling down the deadly drop… made possible due to a complete lack of guardrails to prevent such a tragedy.

A myriad of additional issues, like no cell service and the possibility of overheating make this road one you may want to bypass.

8. Kolyma Highway

Russia When a road earns itself the nickname the “Road of Bones,” it undoubtedly earns itself a spot on any top 10 scariest roads in the world.

This Russian highway, built by prisoners in the 1930s, connects the regions of the Sakha Republic and Magadan Oblast.

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Kolyma Highway not entirely scary in the traditional sense of being winding, twisting, and at dangerous heights.

But instead, when you drive the 1,200-mile or 1,931-kilometer route, you’re doing so over the remains of thousands of the inmates that died while building it.

The highway also stretches some of the coldest places on Earth, leading to incredibly miserable driving conditions.

7. Guoliang Tunnel Road

China The one caveat of driving over China’s Guoliang Tunnel Road in the Taihang Mountains is that you don’t always get a view of the deadly drop that awaits.

The road was chiselled into the mountain in the 1970s by villagers looking for access to the outside world.

And though they completed the project and opened up their world, they didn’t do so with the safest and most appealing of roads.

The 13-footer 4-meter wide trail stretches 3/4 of a mile or about 1.2 kilometres long and only has a clearance of 16 feet or 5 meters.

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Though the views down the mountainside are beautiful, there’s not much between you and the deadly tumble, and there’s very little visibility around the tight bends.

6. Skippers Canyon Road

New ZealandStrange as it may seem, some of the most scenic routes in the world also tend to be some of the scariest.

Skippers Canyon Road in New Zealand’s South Island is an odd combination of both, providing thrill-seekers with a view and casual drivers with a heart attack.

The the13-mile or 22-kilometre road was constructed during the gold rush and has been left mostly untouched to this day, meaning the same narrow, unpaved path is exactly what drivers get to experience.

Steep drops beside extremely narrow turns should be enough to warrant nothing but the most careful of driving.

But the road’ spoor conditions accentuate the need for careful driving – and, essentially, using nothing short of off-road vehicles.

5. Taroko Gorge Road

Taiwan When you’re thousands of feet above jagged rocks, some things you don’t want to be faced with include narrow paths, sharp turns, and blind curves. Taroko Gorge Road in Taiwan is ripe with all three of these.

Driving along the narrowed roadway becomes a fight for space as traffic moves in opposite directions, turning blind corners into a terrifying approach.

As if driving conditions weren’t rough enough, heavy rainfall can cause debris from the mountain to dislodge and block the roadway.

And any sort of seismic activity can cause the highway to crack and break apart, making it completely non-functional or, for anyone caught on it, extremely life-threatening.

4. The Himalayan Roads

Though the scenery can easily be described as breathtaking, there’s no denying the adrenaline rush of fear that driving along the Himalayan Roads in India and Tibet can bring.

Specifically, the stretch of a paved path that tops what is currently the highest motor-able point in the world at 18,300 feet or 5,600 meters.

The roadway, which runs for 295 miles or 475 kilometres, is carved right into the mountain’s face, and though it is equipped with guards to keep one from careening to their death.

The narrow roadway becomes treacherous around bends, especially during any sort of weather event.

Possible rock slides add an additional layer of discomfort to the long and arduous drive along this high-atmosphere roadway.

3. North Yungas Road

Bolivian road some 12-feet 3.5 meters wide isn’t that terrible. Place it next to a drop of about 2,000 feet or 609 meters, and you have yourself a road known to the world as “Death Road.”

The colourful title was given to Bolivia’s North Yungas Road for its incredibly hazardous driving conditions, including mudslides and tumbling rocks, and complete lack of guardrail around its tightest and highest, turns.

An estimated 300 people succumb to many of the road’s dangers, as indicated by small, handmade memorials placed along the 43-mile or 69-kilometre path.

As you travel from 15,260 feet or 4,650 meters high to around 3,900 feet or 1,200 meters, you’re left white-knuckled, hoping you don’t wind up as a crafted memorial, left to get washed away in the rain.

2. Bayburt Of Yolu-D915

TurkeyThere are some roads out there that shouldna be attempted, even by the most confident drivers.

This 65-mile or 106-kilometre nightmare connecting the towns of Of, Trabzon and Bayburt in Turkey is one such scenario, climbing up to an elevation of 6,677 feet or 2,035 meters without the safety of guardrails and comfort of a fully paved path.

The lengthy path features a series of 29 step turns, most of which provide no visibility as to what’s on the other side of the bend.

On clear days, the view is magnificent, but the more common foggy days only aid in making the northern end of state road D915a deadly and terrifyingly blind drive.

D915’ most dangerous stretch features 13 hairpin turns and drops almost 1,000 feet or 304 meters in 3.2 miles or 5.1 kilometres.

1. BR-116, Brazil

From child prostitution operations to a high number of deaths per year (roughly 254 in 2012 alone), Brazil’s BR-116 is often considered the world’s most dangerous road – though it may not look like it on the surface.

Earning the titles of “Highway of Death” and “Highway to Hell”, much of BR-116’s 2,7000-miles or 4,345-kilometers may look like a normal pathway across the country’s coast.

But it is plagued with hazards including steep cliffs, a high population of big rigs, inconsistent terrain, and fatigued drivers.

As if the dangers of BR-116 weren’t enough to make it a pretty miserable and scary drive, the lengthy highway has been pegged as a popular spot for the sex trade, often involving minors and children.

BR-116’s most dangerous roads in the world section are within Sao Paulo, a literal lifeline for freight transport to the rest of Brazil.

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