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10 Most Dangerous Cities In The World For Travelers

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Travelling across national borders has become increasingly easier and more affordable as of late it’s always nice too. Take a breather from the stresses of work and visit other countries. However, there are some places on the planet that are just not friendly towards visitors no matter your intention. In this article, we’ll list for you the top 25 most dangerous and inhospitable towns and cities on earth to visit.

Most Dangerous Cities In The World

10. Belem, Brazil – 71.4 Murder/100K

Most Dangerous Cities

In 2014, ten people were gunned down in Belém in what Amnesty International described as a retaliatory attack for the murder of a military police officer.

The killings, which drew international attention at the time, highlighted tensions between criminal gangs and street-level officers in this Amazon River port city, which serves as a conduit for agricultural and mining commodities extracted from the Amazon rainforest.

Belém was ranked 10th on the list of the top ten most dangerous cities in 2020 after ranking 10th with 71.4 homicides per 100,000 residents the in year. It is now the third most dangerous city in Brazil.

9. Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela – 80.3 Murder/100K

Most Dangerous Cities In The World

Ciudad Guayana is another dangerous city, with 80.3 homicides per 100,000 residents. Serious crimes such as rape, murder, and sexual assault are common in this city.

And are carried out by organized gangs. This city’s residents are experiencing severe economic hardship.

8. Ciudad Victoria, Mexico – 83.3 Murder/100K

Most Dangerous Cities In The World

There’s nothing worse than living in a city or country where the law enforcement is in the pockets of the bad guys. This is the sad truth that currently happening in Ciudad Victoria.

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The flow of drugs and human trafficking throughout the country and even the continent usually stems from Ciudad Victoria avoiding this city at all costs.

7. Fortaleza, Brazil – 83.5 Murder/100K

Most Dangerous Cities In The World

Because of the extremely high crime rate and drug dealing in the city of Fortaleza, police presence is more important than anywhere else in South American countries.

The majority of this city’s young men are unemployed and have nothing better to do with their lives, which is why it is one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

With 83.5 murders per 100,000 citizens, anyone can become a victim of homicide at some point in their life. There are many tourist attractions in this city, such as Lencois Maranhenses National Park and Jericoacoara Beach, but the crime rate outweighs the city’s beauty. When exploring this city, one should exercise extreme caution.

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6. La Paz, Mexico – 84.8 Murder/100K

Most Dangerous Cities In The World

In 2017, the population of La Paz was 305,455 people, with 259 homicides. Although the name “La Paz” means “peace,” it is not something you should expect to find in this city, which is the capital of Baja California.

Baja California’s mountains and beaches sound like a dream holiday destination. According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, a State Department alert advised tourists visiting Baja California and Baja California Sur to “exercise heightened caution due to criminality.”

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While there are no travel restrictions in effect for La Paz, it is ranking as one of Mexico’s most hazardous cities should give most visitors pause. According to the Los Angeles Times, the bodies of those killed in the growing violence have been discovered.

5. Tijuana, Mexico – 84.8 Murder/100K

Most Dangerous Cities In The World

In this city with a population of about 1.6 million, every second out of 125 people has AIDS. It is not that he is unaware of it, but everyone is helpless in front of stomach filling and addiction.

Drug addiction is the biggest cause of the spread of AIDS in Tijuana. A large number of people here are victims of drug addiction. In such a situation, the use of a single syringe has become a major cause of HIV infection.

Tijuana’s HIV victims are more numerous than those who have been deported from the US to Mexico. These include people who did not have the necessary documents to live in America or those who were involved in some kind of crime.

4. Natal, Brazil – 102.6 Murder/100K

Most Dangerous Cities In The World

A few years back the Brazilian government deployed a squad of more than a thousand armed policemen to bring restore calm. After a gang drove riot occurred since then natal has been cited by the UN as having of the largest murder rates per capita.

3. Acapulco, Mexico – 107 Murder/100K

Most Dangerous Cities In The World

Not too long ago Acapulco Mexico was a safe haven and popular destination for travelers looking to hit the beaches. However, statistics show that the city has one of the highest murder rates in the world.

If you feel like risking it you’ll be advised to stay within the property of the resort you’re visiting. But be warned that crimes usually take place just outside

2. Caracas, Venezuela – 111.2 Murder/100K

Most Dangerous Cities In The World
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The country of Venezuela is currently facing an age of economic depression unseen in recent history. Caracas the country’s capital has now become home to violence and drug-related gang wars muggings and murder are commonplace.

Making this once beloved city an undesirable tourist destination. But many other cities in Venezuela are doing better than Caracas.

The Venezuelan city of Caracas used to be in the first place in the list of violent countries, which has been moved to second place this time by Los Cabos. There have been 3,387 murders in a year here.

The murder rate here is about 111 for a population of one lakh. CCSPJP says that it faced a lot of problems in getting official data. According to CCSPJP, 40 lakh people have left the country. Half of them have left the country in the last three years alone.

1. Los Cabos, Mexico – 111.3 Murder/100K

Most Dangerous Cities In The World

The city of Los Cabos is a tourist destination in the Northwest Province of Baja California, Suu Kyi in Mexico. But this year this city has been placed in the first place in the list of the most violent countries in the world.

In a study conducted by CCSPJP on a city with a population of three lakhs, it has been found that there has been a rapid increase in violence in recent times. Violence here has seen an increase of 500 per cent in a year.

In 2016, there were 61 murders here. At the same time, 365 murders took place in this city in 2017. The murder rate in Mexico has been around 111 per 100,000 people. Unlike the world, violence has increased here. In 2015 there were five Mexico cities on this list but this time there are 12 Mexico cities.

Also, out of the top 10 violent cities in the world in 2017, only five are in Mexico. What are the reasons for so much violence in Mexico? The CCSPJP organization states that this country has no roadmap for fighting against criminal groups and is witnessing the worst levels of violence. Source

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