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Top 10 Most Advanced Weapons In The World Ever Created

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We know that every year in this world, it seems like we get the most advanced weapons with techy new features and frightening possible effects.

Sometimes, it’s better not to hear about new and advanced military weapons because of how anxiety-inducing they can be, but other times it’s interesting to hear about how super expensive machinery can be so cutting edge.

This is what brings us to today’s list – the top list of most advanced weapons in the world used by the army and military of that country. But before we get started, why not become an archivist today by following on social platforms like Facebook. So you do miss out on any future post of blogrito.

Most Advanced Weapons In The World Of The Revolutionary War

If you end up enjoying this article on the most powerful weapon in the world, let us know by telling us in the comment section which of these powerful weapons you’d love to own.

Xm-25 Grenade Launcher
Image Source – Google Image

10. XM-25 Grenade Launcher

Of course, we have many powerful weapons that use to launch our weapons for us. It’s 2020, we can’t be manually launching our advanced weapons.

This weapon launcher packs a magazine of four 25 mm projectiles, specifically programming them to go off as they pass by their targets.

They allow soldiers to strike enemies, while they’re taking cover to other soldiers. It’s not a new weapon, it’s been around for years. As have other options for remote defusion of bombs and operation of weapons, though you were likely never knew it existed.

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Armed robots have been sent to Iraq, though never fired, bots have often defused bombs, and now we’re getting farther and farther from actual person-to-person combat.

Flash Bang Grenades
Image Source – Google Image

9. Flash Bang Grenades

So you have your grenade launcher. How about a new type of Flash Bang Grenade? What’s that, you ask? They’re regular grenades.

They still dismember people, but also create hearing loss. They were designed to stun people but it turns out they’re not very safe.

Since those little issues, researchers at the Sandia National Laboratory built a new and improved version that launches flaming aluminium particles into the air.

This causes the flash and takes away the shock wave, which means we all get to keep our limbs.

8. Seasick Creator

Ok, so it’s not this weapons’ actual name, but creators Limor Fried and Phil Torrone decided to build this powerful weapon similar to an experiment alone they’d heard of which gave people seasickness.

This is a favourable outcome because it makes your enemies incapable of wiping them all out. Have you ever been seasick? You wouldn’t hurt a fly when seasick.

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They created instructions on how to make one affordable right at home. It works with light, pulsating LEDs to be exact. If you feel like celebrating after, you can even program it to be your disco ball.

Laser Avenger
Image Source – Google Image

7. Laser Avenger

If I were ever in charge of anything regarding the creation of weapons, I’d want to be in charge of naming them.

The Laser Avenger, kudos to whoever named it, takes down incoming aircraft, with the ability to shoot drones down, too.

The laser is mounted on an AN/TWQ-1 Avenger combat vehicle and was developed by Boeing Combat Systems in Huntsville, Alabama.

In 2009, the Laser had successfully demonstrated that a laser system mounted on an Avenger combat vehicle can shoot down a small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) like those that increasingly threaten U.S. troops deployed in war zones.

Magpul Fmg-9 Oh
Image Source – Google Image

6. Magpul FMG-9 OH

This machine gun folds up to look like a laptop battery, making it the perfect choice for those who like to conceal their weapon.

Talk about low-key, am I right? It was featured in Ghost Rider and Call of duty, but it’s not available for sale on the market, and probably won’t ever be.

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Designed in 2008, this folding machine gun has a rate of fire of about 1200 rounds per minute, weighs just over 1 pound, and is about10 inches in length when folded.

In 2014, Magpul announced they had no intention of bringing the prototype to production, and in 2019, no information on the model could be found on their website.

950 Jdj Rifle
Image Source – Google Image

5. 950 JDJ Rifle

This weapon is the world’s largest centerfire rifle. Packed full of power, this baby’s got as much as a World War I tank and it’s ready to do some serious damage.

Or at least it would be if it were available. Only three of them were ever made.

It fires half-pound bullets that are custom made for this rifle, and weighs 85 to 120pounds, depending on options, which is probably why it never made it to production.

Oh, and its cases are about 70 mm in length and are about 30% more powerful than an M16round.

Beretta Ltlx7000
Image Source – Google Image

4. Beretta LTLX7000

This weapon, which was in development still last time we checked, is a shotgun, and a rather intelligent one at that.

It can adjust how lethal the shot it fires is depending on the range. It has or will have rather, a holographic scope, which essentially shows and identifies for you the head and feet of your target.

This Italian-made gun is a less-lethal shotgun that was created to solve the problem of unwanted deaths at closer ranges that other guns had trouble with.

In short, this weapon of choice is intended for crowd control that uses proprietary cartridges with rubber projectiles in them.

Self-Guided Bullet
Image Source – Google Image

3. Self-guided Bullet

Come on, this has got to be in a superhero movie somewhere. This type of bullet, also in development, has an optical sensor, guidance electronics, and a moving control fin! A fin! Like a fish has.

I have to say, this sounds so expensive I don’t even know if any human body is worth killing with that much money.

You could be the worst guy and not deserve to be killed with this high tech. These bullets can navigate around obstacles for up to a mile before reaching their target.

This is the ultimate sniper is one of the most advanced weapons. The bullets travel at twice the speed of sound and correct their movements up to 30 times per second. That is incredible.

This self-guided bullet could change careers and just be the new Batman with the power of Flash.

2. LIPC: Laser-induced Plasma Channel

The LIPC isn’t a weapon as much as it is technology. It guides lightning, that’s right, actual lightning, like from nature, to hit a determined target that’s guided by a laser beam.

It’s still in development, but it’s 100%a weapons that you’d see in a movie. Also known as an electrolyser, this weapon is a long-distance taser gun that you’d see police officers using, with different technology, of course.

Though originally intended to just immobilize your target, it can easily be turned up to turn them into dust, much like we saw in the movie Mars Attacks.

1. Long Range Acoustic Device

I like this weapon because it’s a cautionary weapon. It’s used when someone suspicious is approaching.

You don’t want an American Sniper situations where you’re like “did I shoot the wrong person?” Well, this device sends a warning beam of sound waves. It travels clearly for around 300 meters or 1000 feet.

If you want more, kick it up a notch so the sound is so loud that anyone in its path has no choice but to take the cover of their ears and turn away.

Its manufacturer prefers it to actual most advanced weapons, but they’ve been used to repel pirates, harass protesters and other uses.

My question is, when will they develop a weaker version for me to use on my dog to stop him from marking his territory on the fake fern plant in my man cave?

Seriously, have you checked the prices on fake fern plants lately? Unreal.


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