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Top 10 Fattest Person In The World

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Seeing the power of the human body is something we truly love to watch. Whether it’s someone lifting a car off or gaining three times their original body weight. And there is excitement among people to know about the fattest person in the world right?

How a body can survive trauma, negligence, and other difficult circumstances makes us both grateful and fearful of the possibilities.

One of the most frightening things to watch is people suffering from morbid obesity. Whether it’s genetic, illness-induced, or psychological, these Top 10 fattest people in the world living are truly shocking.

Top 10 Fattest Person In The World Living

Fattest Person In The World

10. Michael Hebranko

Michael Hebranko has one of the saddest stories on this list. He’s a man who at his heaviest, weighed 1,100 lbs and whose obesity eventually killed him.

His story is much more complicated than that, though, because during his life, when he weighed 906 lbs, he lost over 700 lbs, breaking world records in the process.

He even started touring the country lecturing on healthy lifestyles. If only that was the end of the story…Sadly, he couldn’t keep the weight off, and he actually regained the weight and then some, weighing in at 1100 lbs.

He, again, managed to lose a significant amount of weight, weighing in at 550 lbs in the end, but, that not being enough for him to regain his health, he died due to his morbid obesity in 2013.

Eman Ahmed
Image Source – Google Search

9. Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty

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Contrary to popular belief, not all morbidly obese people are in the United States. Of course, by popular belief, I mean what’s portrayed on My 600 lb life.

No sir, our number 9 comes representing Egypt. She was born in 1980 and made a place for herself in history as the second-heaviest woman.

She was just under 4’8 in height but weighed about 1100 lbs. This means she has the highest recorded body fat percentage, carrying lots of weight on a small frame.

Even from the moment when she was born, she was heavy at 11 lbs. She suffered from a thyroid problem and had to stop going to school at an early age.

As an adult, she was hospitalized in 2017 to undergo weight-loss treatment, during which she did manage to shed about 720 lbs. However, she then sadly died of organ failure.

Mexican Juan Pedro Franco, The Heaviest
Image Source – Google Search

8. Francis John Lang (Michael Walker)

Michael Walker was born in the United States in 1934. He was quite a thin man in his youth, weighing only about 150 lbs.

However, after serving time in the army, he started abusing narcotics and gained weight controllably until he weighed in at almost1200 lbs.

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Instead of panicking when he suddenly couldn’t leave his bed, he decided to make money from it in a really old-school way.

He essentially became a traveling freak show of his own accord. He moved into a mobile home and exposed his body for money, through windows he built into the home where he’d lay almost nude.

He eventually was hospitalized and began to lose weight, moving away from the fast life of circus sideshows, and eventually died in 2011.

Walter Hudson
Image Source – Google Search

7. Walter Hudson

Walter Hudson once held the #1 spot on the Guinness Book of World Records as the heaviest man on earth. At his highest weight, 1,200 lbs, he was well-known for his size, often appearing in newspapers and reports for getting stuck in doorways or falling on his way back to his bedroom.

As we saw before in other cases, he joined a weight-loss program and was able to leave his house for the first time in almost 20 years.

But, sadly, this didn’t stick, and in his40s, at the time of his death, he had all but returned to his original weight.

He died in 1991 of a heart attack in his home and authorities had to cut a hole in his wall to remove his body.

Robert Butler
Image Source – Google Search

6. Robert Butler

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Robert Butler was an American man born in 1971. He became somewhat of a local celebrity in Rhode Island after reaching out, searching for a surgeon.

His problem? He was stuck in his bedroom for a long time due to his weight. He weighed about 1200 lbs at the time and expressed his need for surgery and his willingness to die trying to become a freer man.

He referred to his problem as food addiction and hoped he could find help to overcome it.

He had tried, of course, and managed to bring his weight down to 600 lbs in the past, but he just couldn’t keep it off and his life ended at the age of 43 on the operating table due to sepsis.

Carol Yager
Image Source – Google Search

5. Carol Yager

Were you left wondering who topped Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty on the list of Heaviest Women in the World? Well, you found her.

She’s not significantly heavier than Eman Ahmed and weighs the same as a lot of our previous cases, 1200 lbs.

She was born in the United States in 1960 and died at the age of 34. Growing up, she says she started suffering from an eating disorder after being s*xually abused by a family member.

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Shortly before dying in the hospital, she was removed from her home after not moving for almost a year.

With help, she dropped about 500 lbs, but was still morbidly obese and eventually died of organ failure and other problems in 1994.

4. Juan Pedro Franco

Mexico Juan Pedro Franco is another case outside of the United States that proves there is some hope to be had on this list.

He was born in Mexico in 1985 and is still around today to prove to everyone that change is possible! At his peak, he weighed 1312 lbs and took the title of the heaviest man alive.

Eventually, he underwent two weight-loss surgeries, which cut his food intake drastically.

Within two years, he had shed half his body weight. He was also looking to attempt a third surgery that would cut that weight down even further.

For a man that once had to be hooked up to oxygen and was restricted to his bed, changes this big proof that determination and a good support system can turn your life around.

Manuel Uribe
Image Source – Google Search

3. Manuel Uribe

Coming in at number three Fattest Person In The World, we stay in Mexico to find Manuel Uribe, a man born in 1965, who spent six years confined to his bed.

After gaining weight and living a sedentary life, he eventually lost his whole life and his happiness to the extreme size of his body.

At a regular weight, Manuel Uribe weighed just under 300 pounds. He took to bed in 2002 and sank into a depression that put his weight at record-breaking highs, reaching 1230 lbs at his highest.

He became a well-known Mexican celebrity. He eventually got down to 867, got remarried very publicly, and then died at the age of 48 of 2014.

They say his death was caused by liver and cardiac conditions, but it’s not confirmed.

Khalid Bin Mohsen Shaari
Image Source – Google Search

2. Khalid Bin Mohsen Shaari

For 2 on our list of the fattest person in the world, we go to Saudi Arabia, where, back in 1991, Khalid Bin Mohsen Shaariwas born. Khalid is one of the most shocking turns around stories on this whole list.

He was the second heaviest person in recorded history, weighing in at 1340 lbs.

He had the highest Body Mass Index ever recorded and was even ordered by King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz to be removed and transferred from his home to the capital to receive treatment.

After receiving treatment, he lost 710 lbs in just six months! He continued to lose weight and eventually it was reported that he had dropped down to 150 lbs and was now healthy.

1. Jon Brower Minnoch

At number one in the list of top 10 Fattest Person In The World is Jon Brower Minnoch. Of course, we couldn’t stay away from the United States for long.

Born in 1941 in Seattle, Washington, at age12 Jon Brower Minnoch weighed almost 300 pounds.

He was diagnosed with a condition called generalized edema, in which his body accumulated fluid.

In fact, at his heaviest, about 1400 lbs, about 900 lbs of his body mass were just retained fluid. Can you imagine?

Of course, at this rate, he was constantly being treated for issues with his organs.

He was so large, that during the treatment of his congestive heart failure, it took 13 people to turn him over.

He lived only thanks to a strict diet enforced by physicians. At the time of his death at the age of 41, he weighed 798 pounds. You can this to this website too.

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