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Top 10 Amazing Facts About Stephen King

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Stephen Edwin King is born on September 21, 1947, are an author with American contemporary horror, mystery, science fiction and fantasy genres. Over 350 million copies of his books have been sold and a large number of feature films, television films and comic books have been adapted on his works. let us look at 10 interesting facts about Stephen king.

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Stephen King

Stephen King

10. Rock-And-Roll

Since an early age, Stephen King has been a fan of music his favourite music being rock and roll. Surprisingly Stephen King is in a band with several other authors including Amy Tan Mitch Albom Matt Groening.

And several others the most part his job is to play rhythm guitar in their band. The Rock Bottom Remainders often tour around a few months out of each year.

It should also be noted that while riding King will have music blasting from the speakers almost shaking the rafters of his New England style house claiming that it helps him concentrate.

9. Revenge Up A Nerd

To clear his heading will often take long walks through the streets of Bangor Maine. On one particular night in 1999 King was walking down a long dark road when a van suddenly turned the corner.

It smashed into him causing a broken rib collapsed lung a severe gash directly to the head and a leg broken in nine separate places.

After recovering King bought the vehicle that hit him releasing an uncontrollable bottled up breath King quickly turned it, into scrap metal with a baseball bat.

8. Addictions

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They may be shocking to some but in the 1980s Kings struggled with drug and alcohol addiction. The master of horror himself claims that he has no recollection at all of writing Cujoseveral family members confronted him with his deteriorating physical.

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And mental state due to drugs and sought to get him to help they found traces of cocaine Xanax and Valium in trash cans.

Around the house thankfully the help of his family members was enough to get back on the right track. Ever since the incident, he’s been sober and on several occasions has spoken out against drug and alcohol abuse.

7. The Homestead

Stephen King’s house is a twisted spine-chilling beauty. It sits in a developed New England neighbourhood. With a black iron fence encompassing the outside portion of his property.

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And dragons are just a few of the many odd features to its structure King is known to many as a reclusive character.

But locals often boast about his kindness and how down to earth he is. Mansfield Stadium better is known as the field of screams, is a baseball field located some ways behind his house.

It was funded entirely by King and built for community use it’s well known that King has always had a love for Maine. Fictional places within the state are almost always included somewhere in his novels.

6. Hardships

There have been numerous hardships that King has had to face in his lifetime. He came from a poor family that struggled to get by financially.

When he was around the age of five his father walked out on them leaving his mother to work multiple jobs just to put food on the table.

During this time Stephen and his brother David spent hours on end reading to each other and teaching themselves.

How to not just survive on their own but thrives some years later Stephen King witnessed his best friend being killed by a freight train.

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Although he has never admitted it many fans and psychiatrists out there believed that this gave birth to his contorted imagination that would prove to last the rest of his life.

5. Deep Roots Of The Five People

Stephen King immediate and close family four of them are published, authors. His wife Tabitha has written an assortment of novels on several various topics.

Their eldest son Joe followed in his father’s footsteps and currently writes books on the subjects of horror and mystery.

The youngest member of the Stephen King family Owen has written several short stories and a novel interestingly.

4. Split Personalities

During the late 1970s, Stephen King began publishing his novels under the pseudonym, Richard Bachman. It was a name based on one of his favourite bands at the time Bachman Turnerover drive.

He later revealed the two reasons for this partial move the first Stephen King feared that his name had become branded. This meant that any of his success was no longer earned by hard work but two words on the cover of a novel.

The second reason for this switch was that his publisher didn’t want to flood the market with Stephen King books. And would prefer no more than one novel a year any surplus writings were released under the pen name Richard Bachman

3. Superstitions Believe It Or Not

The master of horror himself is mortified of something other than the works he publishes. He suffers from triskaidekaphobia which is the fear of the number 13 while writing.

He will never stop working if the page number is 13 or a multiple of it any number other than these are what Stephen King calls safe numbers.

There are 13 steps on the back stairwell of his home, for this reason, he’s always sure to skip the first step leaving only 12 to climb

2. Medical Conditions Throughout His Entire Life

Stephen King has fallen ill or sickly on many occasions but he’s also been very lucky and successful with both his career and friendships made along.

The way there are several medical conditions still traumatizing him today including deteriorating eyesight at the height of the Vietnam War.

The drafts board found them unfit to serve for some reasons these included high blood pressure punctured eardrums limited vision and even flat feet who knows these medical conditions may have been a blessing that saved his life.

1. Script Resurrected

During much of his early career, Facts About Stephen King struggled to make ends meet and the same showed in his writings originally.

He threw out the first draft of Kerry which he had intentions to make into a short story. Seeing it in the trash can his wife Tabitha rescued seeing the potential in the work adding a feminine touch.

To it together they finished the book he ended up dedicating it to her and still firmly believes. If she had not resurrected it chances are he would never have reached the audience and fan base.

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