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30 Interesting Facts About Rabbits As Pets

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Rabbits are often seen eating carrots on TV, books are often shown winning over the turtles in the race. It has become its facts things but we will tell you facts about rabbits as pets. That’s what you will neither see on television nor in books.

Facts About Rabbits

30 Surprise Facts About Rabbits As Pets

1. Rabbit is a very cute and small animal. Its averages length is 40–50cm and weighs in about 1.5–2.5 kg.

2. The European rabbit is reared and the largest in the world. The rabbits we pets are also European rabbits.

3. 2kg weight rabbit can drink water equivalent to a 9kg weight dog.

4. There are about 305 species of domesticate rabbit on earth and about 13 species of wild rabbit.

5. Before 1912, rabbits were classified as ‘Rodents’ i.e. rats, squirrels etc. Then they were put in the category of ‘Lagomorpha’ i.e. hare and pika.

6. From All over his body The rabbit sweats only through the bottom of his feet.

7. The rabbit has 28 teeth and the interesting thing is that its teeth continue to grow the whole life, which is 1 cm every month. 

8. The age of a wild rabbit is about 1-2 years and that of a domestic rabbit is 8–10 years. However, a rabbit lived for 18 years in Australia, which is a world record.

9. Rabbit breeding: The pregnancy period of the rabbit is about 30-32 days. Female rabbits give birth at least four times a year and on average 3-7 babies at a time. At birth, rabbit babies are born without hair and their eyes do not open until they are about 2 weeks old and they stop drinking their mother’s milk after 8 weeks.

Where Do Rabbits Live?

Most rabbits are founds in forests, meadows, deserts, tundra, wetlands, woods and grasslands. 

10. Rabbits spend about 6-8 hours eating and use to chew food about 120 times in a minute.

11. The rabbit can see almost 360 degrees, but there is a blind spot just below his nose. Therefore, the food that the rabbit eats is not visible, but he sniffs and finds out.

12 Rabbit food: They are vegetarian. They eat grass, carrots, fruits, grains … etc. And “dogs, cats, foxes, snakes” … etc. eat them.

13. Rabbits also cannot vomit like a horse.

14. Although rabbits are killed, most are by human beings worldwide. About 1 billion rabbits are killed every year for their meat and fur. “China” is the largest producer of rabbit meat in the world. 40 per cent of the world’s rabbit meat is produced in China.

15. The rabbit can also move one ear at a time. And it also bends its outer ear to avoid cold. That is why rabbits can hear better in summer instead of cold.

16. The rabbit takes 18 naps in 1 day and sleeps 8 hours a day and it can sleep with its eyes open.

17. Rabbits change their hair once every three months, four times a year. It is very difficult to change the end of summer and the end of winter. The other two are light-hearted.

18. Humans have 9000 taste buds whereas rabbits have 14000 taste buds.

19. Under the chin of a rabbit there is a scent gland which whenever he rubs on something, the same aroma arises in that object. They do this to identify their territory and assert their rights over something.

20. The rabbit runs at a speed of 35-40 kph. It is the fastest escape species, Jack Rabbit, can also run at a speed of 70km per hour. Rabbits never run straight to avoid their enemies, but always run in zig-zag.

Facts About Rabbits

21. A wild rabbit has covered an area as large as 30 tennis courts.

22. More than half of the rabbit population lives in North America.

23. The male rabbit is called a buck, the female doe and the child is called a kit and a group of rabbit is called a colony.

24. In many parts of Europe, people wear rabbit feet around their neck, doing so is a sign of good luck.

25. Rabbits often bang their feet loudly on the ground to caution their other companion.

26. If you ever see a rabbit jumping in the air and eating, then understand that he is expressing his happiness.

Some World Records of Rabbit

27. The record of the maximum number of babies produced by a rabbit at one time is 24. And this has happened twice, once in 1978 and once in 1999.

28. Interesting facts about rabbits’ ears: The length of the rabbit’s ear is about 4 inches. But the longest-eared rabbit, named ‘Nippers Geronimo’, had an ear length of 31.1 inches, a world record.

29. The world’s smallest rabbit is the “pygmy rabbit” found in America’s Oregon zoo. Which is less than a palm in length. And the world’s largest rabbit was also found in America. Whose name is “Darius”. It is 4 feet 4 inches in length and weighs about 22 kg.

30. The record of jumping high by a rabbit is 99.5 cm (39.2 in). It was made by a Danish rabbit, on 28 June 1997. The black and white rabbit was a member of a rabbit club in Denmark.

31. The record of a long jump by a rabbit is 3 meters (9 ft 9.6 in). Made on 12 June 1999 by a Danish rabbit. 

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