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Top 10 Interesting Facts About Hinduism For Kids

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Top 10 Facts About Hinduism For Kids: Despite being one of the major world religions. Many people are unaware of some of the basic facts about the Hindu religion. Because there’s no one set way Hinduism should be practice by most Hindus. Here are some surprising and interesting facts about Hinduism for kids.

Top 10 Amazing Facts About Hinduism For Kids

Top 10 Amazing Facts About Hinduism For Kids

11. Oldest Religion In The World

Hinduism is said to be the oldest religion in the world. That is why it has been called Sanatana Dharma. Sanatan means one who has always been there. It means to live forever that people have been following this religion since the time the creation was created.

It has also been considered a religion established by the gods. In the Gita, Lord Krishna has said that whenever there is the loss of religion and iniquity increases, then I incarnate for the restoration of religion.

That is, it has also been considered to be installed and operated by God. It can be considered as the first feature of Hinduism because this religion is said to be established and governed not by any man but by the gods.

10. Hinduism’s Antiquity And Greatness

The greatest example of Hinduism’s antiquity and greatness is the Rigveda. It is considered to be the oldest book of Hinduism. The Rigveda is said to have originated from the thought of Lord Vishnu.

This is to say that Lord Vishnu recited the Rig Veda for the first time. After this, it was propagated and propagated through generations by age ages. It is said that about 3800 years ago, the Rigveda came in writing, whereas before that it was propagated only after hearing from each other.

09. Devotees Can Visit The Temple At Any Time

According to Hinduism, devotees can visit the temple at any time at the entrance of God. There is no time constraint to worship the Lord. Only when the devotee gets time can he worship his Aradhya because the Hindu religion believes that God is present in every particle and in every place at every moment.

08. Gender Equality In Hinduism

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There is no other religion like the feeling of gender equality in Hinduism. The proof of this is this Ardhanarishwar form of Lord Shiva in which half of Shiva’s limb is believed to be the abode of Goddess Adishakti. In Hinduism, Jeevanasangini has also been called Ardhangini, considering this form as the basis.

07. The Religion Of Gaiety And Joy

Hinduism is a religion of gaiety and joy. It is never a matter of mourning for anyone and anyone. This is the reason that in Hinduism, Rama and Krishna’s birthday is celebrated enthusiastically, but there is no mention of the date of their body sacrifice.

If there is any mention of anything, it is secondary because the Hindu religion says that even though Rama and Krishna have abandoned their bodies, they are always present among us in the form that we can feel in devotion. That is, mourning has no place in the Hindu religion.

06. Spirituality And Renunciation

Along with spirituality and renunciation, money has also been given great importance in this religion. That is, it is not that you leave the door of the house for spiritualism and become a monk.

But this religion says that everything has a fixed time. In your youth, please Goddess Lakshmi and Kubera i.e. earn a lot of money religiously. Living in poverty is also called sin.

Because when a person is in lack, he can do wrong and be a partaker of sin. That is why it is said that earn money and avoid sin. But as soon as the youth is ready, abandon the temptation and start on the path of spirituality and renunciation.

05. Both Movable And Immovable Deities

Both movable and immovable deities are mentioned in Hinduism. The immovable deities are the deities enshrined in the idol that you see in temples and houses of worship.

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While the walking deity is every living being on earth. That is, in Hinduism, every living being is considered a god. Referring to this in the Gita, Lord Krishna has said that he resides in soul form in every living being, so I should look into all beings and who knows this secret, he becomes free from sin.

04. 33 Crore Deities

Hinduism is the only religion in which 33 crore deities are mentioned. There is no mention of such a large number of deities in any other religion.

03. Death Is Also Considered A Deity

In Hinduism, death is also considered a deity. Yamraj is said to be the destroyer of living beings and Lord Shiva is the destroyer. Despite this, they are called Dev and Mahadev.

That is, Hinduism is the only religion in which the antidote is also regarded as revered, revealing respect for them. The reason for this is that in Hinduism, death is considered as the path of liberation.

02. Flexible In All Religions

Hinduism is also considered flexible in all religions. An example of this is that Kama Bhava is also given importance in this and it is said to be essential, that is why Kamadeva, the God of Kama, exists in this religion.

But s*xuality has been considered bad. This is the reason that on one side Kamdev is shown lustful and on the other hand, Lord Shiva is shown devouring him. That is, work is necessary for the operation of the universe, but when it starts to become excessive then it must be finished.

01. Avatars Are In Hinduism

The concept of avatars is in Hinduism, it is not in any other religion. It is told in Hinduism that at the end of every age there is an incarnation of God and the new age begins.

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At this time, Kali Yuga is going on and it is said that in the last phase of Kali Yuga, humans will become adulterous, forget the dignity of relationships.

Shame will end in women. When humans start behaving like animals, then God will reincarnate religion by taking Kalki avatar. Nowhere else is this hypothesis of Kalki avatar.

Hope you enjoy this article Top 10 Amazing Facts About Hinduism For Kids. If you have any suggestions comment below.

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