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Top 10 Unknown Facts About Finland You Probably Didn’t Know

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These top 10 interesting facts about Finland country. We have tried to cover all things in a small paragraph. About Finland country, history, facts under these lists of top 10.

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Finland

Top 10 Unknown Facts About Finland You Probably Didn’t Know

10. Income-Based Fines In Finland

Traffic fines are based on two factors how severe the offence is and the drivers’ annual income. It is believed that the most expensive ticket ever given was to a wealthy businessman named Yossi salon.

He was fine 170 thousand euros which in today standards is the equivalent to about 235 thousand US dollars.

9. Summer Olympic

Warriors, Finnish athletes have one more summer Olympic medals per square capita. Than any other country in the world at a rate of one metal per 18 thousand citizens.

They also have the most gold medals per capita at a rate of one gold medal per 53 thousand citizens. As of the last Summer Games in 2012, Finland has won a total of 302 medals 101 of them being gold.

8. Finland’s wildlife

Finland is about three times the size of Ohio and heavily forested containing nearly 200 thousand. Lakes numerous rivers and vast areas of marshland off the southwest coast is the Olin Islands which are heavily populated by people of Swedish descent pictures.

And words alone can not do Finland’s immense beauty justice as the old saying goes you gotta see it to believe it.

7. Least Corrupted Since 1998

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Finland has been said to be the worlds least corrupt country according to the yearly survey by the organization transparency international in April of 2003. Finland appointed its first female prime minister making it the only country in Europe to have both a female president and Prime Minister.

A short two months alternating Maki stepped down from the office when it was revealed that she had leaked classified information against the rival opponent. In the election earlier that year shortly after she was acquitted of all charges. 

6. Father Christmas

Most countries have some form or other of what we like to call father Christmas or Santa Claus. Finland is the same way they call him Pookie which can also be translated to Yule goat. It is said that he resides in a house built on top of the arctic circle in the northern province of Lapland Finland.

Pookie received more than 700,000 letters from children across the globe according to a study by the Finnish Broadcasting Company in 2006. So far we have completed 5 facts about Finland. Now let us move to the next 5 facts about Finland. 

5. Coffee Fanciers

Do you think you like coffee chances are you don’t drink 26 pounds or 12 kilograms of coffee annually that’s right. The Finns are the world’s biggest drinkers of that black substance that some addicts believe fell from the heavens.

That is three times more than the amount of coffee drank by a typical American. According to a 2008 study by charts been calm, the Finns will enjoy roughly 4.7 cups of coffee per day. That’s consuming more on a daily basis than Americans Canadians and Russians put together.

4. Education

Children living in Finland do not attend school until they are at least 7 years of age. It’s not mandatory for students to receive marks until they’re in the 8th grade because of this the country has gained a reputation for being quite relaxed.

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When it comes to education teachers generally spend only four hours a day in the classroom and are paid to spend two hours a week creating lesson plans and assessing student progress. Interesting Facts About Finland

3. The Polar Nights

There’s a reason Finland is often called the land of the Midnight Sun because during the months of June in July the Sun shines all day and night.

Not once does it rest and fade away below the horizon as we are so accustomed to the exact opposite also occurs during midwinter.

There are days in parts of northern Finland when the Sun is barely visible everything is bathed in an eerie blue light referred to as cow Moos these events are called polar nights.

2. Chill Out The Finns

Take relaxation seriously of the five million citizens who reside in Finland. There are roughly 2 million saunas giving the country about the two-to-one ratio of humans to saunas.

Most Finns think of a sauna as a life necessity and not a luxury it’s also not uncommon for Finnish mothers to give birth in them. Hey considering Finland has one of the highest life expectancies in the world perhaps they’re on to something. facts about Finland

1. Swimming

The Finns are known to love extreme freezing cold and bitter warm. Ice swimming is one of the most popular as times in the country both young and old participate in this activity.

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So many others would look down upon as being foolish ice swimming is known as a vatoOnt in Finland and Estonia. There is an on to Von Teese Society and swimming holes are also maintained by other groups such as the Finnish skiing association.

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