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Top 10 Unknown Facts About Christianity

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Christianity is the largest religion in the world. There are over 2.3 billion followers of Christianity worldwide. And now the religion is based on the birth live crucifixion resurrection and the teachings of Jesus Christ. Here are the top 10 Facts About Christianity. 

Christianity began in the 1st century AD and started as a Jewish sect that quickly spread throughout the Roman Empire. And now throughout the entire world.

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Christianity

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Christianity

10. Christianity Is A Monotheistic Religion

Christianity is a monotheistic religion and that means that Christians believe that there is only one God. And this God created the heavens and the earth and this divine being called God consists of three parts.

The Father God son Jesus Holy Spirit you may have also heard the term Godhead used by Christians as it symbolizes this belief in one God.

But here we have three coexisting individuals that make up this one God now both Christians and Jews follow the Old Testament of the Bible but the Christians also embrace the New Testament of the Bible.

09. The New Testament

And let’s talk a little bit of the New Testament. Actually so according to the New Testament Jesus was born to a young Jewish virgin named Mary just south of Jerusalem in modern-day Palestine.

Now Christians believe that this conception was supernatural with God overshadowing Mary. And the power of the Holy Spirit allowed her to give birth to a son in terms of the early history of Christianity.

08. History Of Christianity.

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Christianity started about two thousand years ago in Judea which is in present-day Israel. And although the bible does contain stories about Jesus from childhood to adulthood. The Ministry of Jesus as the Messiah actually began in his early 30s.

Now there’s one thing to note though that Jesus was not a Christian rather he was a Jew. And the term Christianity was not even used at that time he observed the Jewish faith.

And was well acquainted with a Jewish law now Jesus is teaching so everywhere very radical given the religious and political environment.

At the time so here we had the Jewish people with their traditions and their faith who were dominated by the Roman Empire who were seen as pagan.

07. Roman Practices 

So you know many Jews were facing a choice either to conform to roman practices and wishes or hold on to their Jewish beliefs and suffer.

So Jesus challenged the established Jewish religious leaders to repent from their self-righteousness and hypocrisy and realized that the kingdom of God is rooted in service and love.

So just imagine that you were one of the Jewish rabbis at the time who as to the outside very law-abiding and you knew your religion very well.

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And then this person named Jesus comes along and says hope you’re full of sin also love the Romans who mistreat you as well.

so examine yourself all this stuff so of course, you know Jesus really stirred up all the aspects of culture at that time made people. Really uncomfortable and introduced a new way of thinking and acting and according to the New Testament book of Acts.

06. Denominations Of Christianity

Those that follow Jesus they were called Christian. Years after Jesus’s crucifixion and resurrection according to the book of acts. Now touch on the denominations of Christianity.

So Christianity on a whole while it’s estimated that there are about thirty to forty thousand different Christian denominations.

That is a whole lot of Christianity now this means that we cannot look at Christianity. As one singular religion but as many different sects combined that share the same core values. But their worship practices or some of their beliefs may be a little different.

Despite having so many different denominations there’s actually three main branches of Christianity.

Christianity had theological disputes that have resulted in these three main branches there is a Roman Catholic Church. Then there’s an Eastern Orthodox Church and then the protestant churches.

05. Largest Christian Church

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Now when it comes to facts about Roman Catholicism. Roman Catholicism is the largest Christian church with approximately 1.3 billion.

Catholics worldwide now the catholic church is the world’s oldest continuously functioning in a national institution now the church is headed by the Bishop of Rome known as the Pope.

And the ruling of the Pope or the papacy is the oldest continuing absolute monarchy in the entire world. And the Vatican actually is like its own country so what it is really it’s an enclave within the city of Rome in Italy.

Now Catholicism is also a big business that handles billions of dollars no one outside of the Vatican really knows precisely.

Though but almost certainly has wealth that would rival many other national governments so back in 2013 actually.

The Economist calculated that the Catholic Church in America alone had a hundred and seventy billion dollars annual operating budget.

Now it is estimated that worldwide the Catholic Church has upwards of nine billion dollars in assets.

04. The Orthodox Church

I’m moving on to another branch of Christianity one of the main branches of the Orthodox Church. Now the Orthodox have approximately two hundred to two hundred and sixty million members.

Making it the second-largest single Christian denomination behind the Catholic Church. Now it’s made up of a number of self-governing churches.

Now the Orthodox churches are united in faith and by a common approach to theology tradition and worship. They draw on elements of Greek mill Eastern Russian.

As well as Slav cultures and orthodoxy differs from Catholicism in its refusal of allegiance to the Pope.

 03. ISM Is The Second Largest Form Of Christianity

Now present ISM is the second largest form of Christianity with more than 900 million followers worldwide or nearly 40% of all Christians.

Now it’s one to clarify though that orthodoxy is grouped under one denomination, but there are many different Protestant denominations.

But they total more than the Orthodox denomination so I just want to clarify that now Protestantism originated in the 16th century.

The reformation was a movement against what its followers perceived to be errors in the Roman Catholic Church.

So they protested against certain Catholic doctrine hence the name Protestant set another way protests. And now the Protestant denominations do not form a single Church like the Orthodox Church.

I just and there are some disagreements of which churches qualify as Protestant but Protestant churches emphasize the importance of reading the Bible and the doctrine of salvation by faith.

02. Gospels Of The New Testament

For the primary sources of information about the life of Jesus, you can find those in the gospels of the New Testament.

And they were written between twenty years to a hundred years later after the time of Jesus and they became the first four books of the New Testament.

Now the Gospels describe three years of teaching and healing ministry during which Jesus attracted twelve close disciples as well as many other followers.

Who believed him to be the messiah now commonly it’s believed that Jesus only had 12 disciples but according to the Bible.

Although Jesus did have twelve chief disciples he designated them to be apostles but he had many more than that the Book of Luke.

Indicates that Jesus had at least 70 disciples and then following that the book of Acts mentions that there were 120 disciples gathered together in one place.

01. Christianity  Holidays

And the final facts about Christianity that I got for you in this episode is about the holidays. Now the most important Christian holidays are Christmas which celebrates the birth of Jesus.

Again there are many Christians who contest that Christmas is even a Christian holiday but then there’s also Easter which commemorates the resurrection of Jesus.

Now Easter is a spring holiday and Easter is immediately preceded by a holy League. Which includes palm Sunday, Monday, Thursday as well as Good Friday.

Now the forty days prior to Easter formed the lent season and that’s a time of fasting and repentance also one thing I want to note about the holiday.

Christmas said that it commemorates the birth of Jesus however no birthday for Jesus is ever mentioned in the Bible.

And many scholars estimate though that Jesus was born sometime in the fall so Christmas is celebrated on December 25th. Some people believe he was actually born on that day while others say absolutely he was not.

But anyways guys that wrap up this post and I just got a question for you before I head on out of here. Do you follow Christianity in some way yes or no? Comment Below.

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