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Top 10 Creepy Facts And Dark Secrets About Disney Characters

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Welcome to blogrito our guest as we twist some colourful animations into dark and grisly fairytales. Like many production companies, Disney borrows inspiration from previously existing tales to bring their colourful animations to life. But did you know that a bulk of these is inspired by gruesome stories of deception death malice and murder well? Here we’ll take a look at the grim truths behind some of Disney’s favourite lovable stories 10 CREEPY SECRETS Behind DISNEY MOVIES. 

Top 10 Creepy Secrets Behind Disney Movies

Creepy Secrets Behind Disney Movies

10. The Lion King

The Lion King is certainly isn’t the first story to be adapted in some way from William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. But it certainly is the first to be intended for a child audience while some dispute.

The basis of the movie off of the play filmmakers of the film have outright confirmed the claim Disney doesn’t change much about Hamlet essentially. Swapping Claudius the King and Hamlet for scar Mufasa and Simba respectively.

There can also be similarities derived between the comical Timon and Pumbaa and Hamlet’s friends Rosencrantz and Guildenstern all that missing from the ending is the tragic death of Simba which would mirror the death of Hamlet.

Creepy Secrets Behind Disney Movies

9. Beauty and the Beast 

Surprisingly Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is pretty close to the source material. Some more adult elements were left out of the child-friendly animation for one Belle’ssisters who grow wildly jealous of her happiness.

The beast’s castle attempts to get her eaten alive by begging her to stay with them which would break a promise. She made to the Beast to return to him on a certain night Belle’s.

Knowledge of the beast also comes at her father’s doing who came across the Beast after accepting the strange figures’ hospitality. Bell’s father plucks a rose from a bush inciting rage within the beast that almost has him murder his guests surprisingly. But nobody dies in Jean-Marie le prince de Beaumont’s fairytale but it’s still laden with plenty of heavy themes.

Creepy Secrets Behind Disney Movies

8. Cinderella

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What a cute little story about fairy godmothers the power of true love and ugly stepsisters right. Well, the story behind Cinderella didn’t change much. In Disney’s colourful adaptation though there is no fairy godmother or magical pumpkin carriage.

Also, the stepsisters are pretty messed up going so far as to cut off a toe or a portion of their heel to make Cinderella’s slipper fit and win over the charming prince. Even more morbid at the wedding of Cinderella and her fairy prince the stepsisters have their eyes pecked out by Birds.

Creepy Secrets Behind Disney Movies

7. Hercules

Disney’s Hercules is a fun little tale about the heroic son of Zeus. But anybody that knows Greek mythology also knows that there is nothing fun and little to beread the story of Hercules begins with Zeus.

Is raping a mortal woman Alcmene what follows is a story that would fit perfectly in a modern soap opera though his strength is constant between Disney’s version and the more adult iteration.

Being a hero wasn’t necessarily high on Hercules as list Hercules was said to have murdered his music teacher Linus and the three children born by his first wife Megara whom he is also suspected of killing. Do you aware of this Creepy Secrets Behind Disney Movies.

Creepy Secrets Behind Disney Movies

 6. The Fox And The Hound

Time to get out the tissues because this is a miserable one the animated story of Todd the Fox and copper. The Bloodhound is excited with happy wildlife and lots of bright colours but there’s nothing happy-go-lucky.

About daniel P Mannix’s 1967 novel the book is rather dry in that it’s a book about two animals who are just being animals there’s no clever banter between the two to lighten the mood.

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And boy does the mood need some lightning towards the beginning of the book todd is taunting chief a younger dog owned by coppers master. The ensuing chase leads to the chief being hit by a train.

The master becomes devastated and the start of copper hunts for Todd to regain his owner’s love, unlike in the animated movie where Todd gets into high jinks in the forest.

The book is about a straightforward hunt and the ending is devastating to animal lovers. Todd dies from exhaustion and copper is eventually shot by his master who agrees to live in a nursing home.

Creepy Secrets Behind Disney Movies

5. Pinocchio

The mischievous wooden toy Pinocchio had a penchant for getting into trouble in Disney’s animated movie. Oh but his antics are much worse in Carlo Collodi’s 1883 version of the adventures of Pinocchio.

In the old tale, the wood boy runs away the moment he learns how to walk Jeanette is arrested for abusing Pinocchio. After police find the boy during his initial journey when Pinocchio returns home he encounters a cricket that warns him of the detriments that come with sybaritic pleasures.

But like any sane person that finds a bug in their home, Pinocchio kills it and continues on his merry way the story also touches on a fox and a cat that roband tries to hang Pinocchio. And Pinocchio accidentally burns his feet off deviating quite a bit from the animated film.

Creepy Secrets Behind Disney Movies

4. The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Remember at the end of Disney’s The Hunch Back of Notre Dom when Quasimodo was accepted into society and was hailed as horrible right. How would you feel if you knew that in the original tale told by novelist, Victor Hugo, in 1831 Esmereldais was wrongfully hung for the alleged attempted murder of captain Phoebus?

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A man who had an interest in her Claude Frollo Quasimodo’s adoptive father was framed as Morel de for the attempted killing hoping to kill off Phoebus.

After seeing the captain try to seduce the Gypsydancer at the future Disney Princesses hanging Quasimodo witnesses his father laughs and pushes him from the top of Nutri dom. Killing him The Hunch back hours away in Mon foo Kun a Paris graveyard where the condemned is dumped where he holds as Morel does body until he starves to death.

The Little Mermaid 

3. The Little Mermaid 

In April of 1837 Danish author, Hans Christian Andersen created what would become one of Disney’s most beloved tales titled The Little Mermaid.

The story deviates from Disney’s version quite a bit with the mermaid Ariel and Disney’s retelling leaving the prince to live happily ever.

After with another and by leaving I mean submerging herself into the ocean to succumb to the sea witch’s curse and dissolve into seafoam. The Little Mermaid is given the choice to become a mermaid once again but it would require the blood of the Prince to drip onto her feet.

Disney Movies

2. Sleeping Beauty 

Young ladies across the globe dreamt of the night that their prince charming would awaken them from an endless sleep. But thought about the prospect of being raped by said the prince in the original story of Sleeping Beauty titled Sun Moon and Talia.

And written by Giambattista Basile the King stumbles upon the castle where Sleeping Beauty is and decides to enter it finding only a snoozing lady rather than attempting to wake her.

The king carries her to bed and rapes her before returning home to his wife and two kids Talia only awakens after one of her children whom she birthed while. Still sleeping inadvertently sucks the flax that caused her deep sleep from her finger.

The King returns sometime later and tells Talia of their interesting encounter they fall in love and they live happily ever after. That is of course only after the King’s current wife unsuccessfully sought to feed him his illegitimate children and set Tahlia ablaze in a fire. 

Secrets Behind Disney Movies

1. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves 

In the original Grimm’s fairytale love Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Then titled little Snow White the general storey remains the same evil queen who seeks to kill Snow White.

When her ego-boosting mirror exclaims that little Snow White is a thousand times fairer in the Grimm’s version the Queen attempts three times to kill the girl almost succeeding the third time when snow white almost chokes on an apple.

Luckily for Snow White who had been coerced to work as a slave for the SevenDwarves, a handsome prince stumbled upon the beauty and paid the Dwarfs to have snow, White.

Encased in her glass coffin brought to his abode during the trip the coffin was dropped and the Apple dislodged from Snow White’s throat aromantic meeting indeed to punish the old queen for the rancid deeds.

The dwarves invited her to the prince and Snow White’s wedding forcing her to dance in red-hot iron shoes until she dropped dead.

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