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Top 10 Best Famous Voice Over Actors

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If you were to run into some of these very talented individuals on the street you may have no idea that you’ve heard their voice before. Here is a list of famous voice over actors commercials. 

You had a little bit their dought get greedy Larry a talent for changing one’s voice can lead to a great career in voice acting.

I’m the terror that flaps in the night as this instalment is about to prove to you there’s a teeny little bit of me in you too dad.

What follows is a list of some of the top-known best voice over commercials actors and actresses across television film and video game history. 

Top 10 Famous Voice Over Actors Commercials

Voice Over Actors

10. Robin Williams

It’s tough to consider impressive voices and not think of Robin Williams. We’ve come to this planet looking for an intern.

Oops, we made a mistake it’s no secret that the late actor was an immensely popular and extremely diverse actor having tackled comedy-drama and romance.

Through his 38-year career, one of Robins greatest assets was his voice which he used to create characters such as Mrs Doubtfire and to bring to life cartoon characters like Popeye and Aladdin’s.

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Genie chicken ala King the funnyman was undoubtedly known for his malleable voice. But over the course of seventy movies, only 10 were animated films that would really let his vocal talents shine. 

9. James Jonah Cummings

Better known as Jim Cummings James is another famous voice over actors with a long list of accomplishments that span between video games.

You may have seen the open grave in our graveyard filming and even theme parks.

Yes, that’s right if you’ve experienced the thrills of terminator 2, 3d battle across time in universal Studios or illuminations reflections of Earth in Epcot. 

You’ve been privy to Jim’s expert narration when he isn’t entertaining thousands on theme park rides.

Jim also entertains as a shredder in the early 90s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon must find on Excalibur and dr. Robotnik in the sonic.

The Hedgehog animated series I’m almost sorry that its over cummings is also a Disney and Pixar favourite.

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Having been featured in several Mickey Mouse cartoons well Google pokes good time to go home and both the voices for Tigger and Winnie.

The Pooh WhatsApp ooh you’re resitting on one I am Darkwing Duck. I am Darkwing Duck as well as the princess and the Frog my name Rimmel but if Michael Murray and wreck-it Ralphgame over

8. Tara Strong

Starting in 1986 at the age of 13 strong took her love for acting and jumped into stage productions to play in limelight theatres.

Production of The Music Man following this feature performance strong-voiced Hello Kitty alongside Fred Savage in the Japanese American Canadian animated show.

Hello, kitties furry tail theatre how up kitties furry tail theatre is proud to present cinder kitty though the actress has/taken in plenty of live-action.

Acting her Forte has been in voice acting bubble and I’m Timmy Turner on The Fairly Odd Parents having provided her vocal skills nearly-stop from 1987 to the present.

I just hope the fact that there are three of you and only one of her doesn’t become a room Strong’s multi-talented voice can be heard in the animated Tales.

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From the Crypt Keeper sounds like a great triple feature at the drive-in king of the hill Extreme Ghostbusters.

Show me how to work these thirteen Titans he just put on three hundred thousand pounds.

Futurama Championships my robots and the 2015 Inspector Gadget Netflix series.

7. Hank Azaria

Azaria is a fabulous actor that has a long-running presence in Hollywood having made hilarious appearances in such movies.

The Birdcage 1998, Godzilla and The Smurfslive-action movie Azaria spoke of talents could be heard in so many different mediums.

From television to theme park rides to video games but what he’s most famous for is his long-running presence on The Simpsons.

Azaria doesn’t just pop in for a one-off character he’s been on the show as a regular from the show’s inception in 1989 starting off as a recurring character in season 1.

6. William Richard West

In 1980 William Richard West entered into the acting scene by performing comedic routines on Boston’s local radio station.

Which he left for a revival of beany and Cecil pumping up boy a sea serpents kind of keep in shape and later in his career stint on.

The Howard Stern Show Oh baby I know how to Sam be the zodiac Philip begun when Warner Brothers teamed up with the NBA to create Space Jam.

Famous Voice Over Actors

5. James Earl Jones

Mark Hamill and Jonathan Taylor Thomas he’s dead to the rest of the world he’s an intergalactic badass the voice behind one of Star Wars most notable and dastardly characters.

I find your lack of faith disturbing Darth Vader may not have been Jones’s physical performance but his voice brought the character to life.

In a way that David promises a more countrified accent never could have since redeeming himself and stopping Emperor, Palpatine Jones moved on to voicing bits on The Simpsons.

4. Seth MacFarlane

Since 1995 Seth MacFarlane has been in the business with his work on several Hanna-barbera cartoons including Dexter’s laboratory.

And Johnny Bravo as a storyboard artist and writer launching him into the successful individual he is today after ending his time with Hanna-barbera.

MacFarlane moved on to a little animated show that some of you may know by the name of Family Guyairing in 1999.

Family Guy jolted MacFarland career as both a writer and voice-over artist as he provides the voices for Peterit’s a dingo.

3. Morgan Freeman

There are a few people in the acting world that could portray God and have nobody bat an eyelash of those few.

There’s Morgan Freeman a man that has perfected everything from action to comedy without much effort. Let me handle this idea is just the worst with a voice as authoritative and distinct as Freeman’s.

There’s no doubt why he has been featured as the vocal artist on nearly a dozen different projects from the lives of penguins with no reason to stay.

They will wander back to the sea to a historic retelling of the Civil War teach the rebels and traitors at the price.

Famous Voice Over Actors

2. Don La Fontaine

In a world filled with famous voice-over actors commercials. there can only be one thunder throat a singular king of movie trailers.

Don La Fontaine was a household name with many even realizing it. There are those that strive to sound like him but so few can come close.

And on March 30th the search will take him to the year 2037 he’s a legend at the voice acting industry providing the epic voice for over 5,000 movie trailers.

It’s January 20th Century Fox presents Larry the Cable Guy his work didn’t stop with trailers.

As he’d lent his voice to video game announcements introducing super Smash Brothers Network promotions and television advertisements.

1. Mel Blanc

Melvin Jerome blank started his career in 1927 and quickly became known best voice over commercials man of 1,000 voices.

About that age earning such a title doesn’t come easy as Mel Blanc took his voice to man places before becoming the voice of Warner Brothers.

The most popular cartoon show Blanc started as a voice actor on the KGW program.

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