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101 Strange North Korea Facts You Don’t Know

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Here to talk to you today about a mysterious land. That is known for being quite aggressive and known for containing many many secrets. No, I’m not talking about Narnia. I am talking about Facts About North Korea.

But what can get you killed in North Korea how did these chocolate pies nearly spark international warfare. How the hell am I meant to reference Jennifer Lawrence in this weeks article?

So get ready for some debriefing on what we know about. The most secretive country on earth and keep your fingers crossed. It doesn’t get us killed in the process. This is 101 facts about North Korea

Okay, a quick disclaimer before we start. As we all know North Korea Facts is a little bit protective and secretive country. And we don’t know a whole lot about it. But we have picked them up from very reliable sources to ensure that we mostly ball free lovely. Anyway

 Amazing North Korea Facts

101 Amazing North Korea Facts

1. So before we get into anything with North Korea. We have to look back at its North Korean history to the year 108. Wait the year 108 is now for them. It’s not 2020 Wow okay screw the history bit then it’s not the year 2020 in North Korea it’s the year 108. 

2. This is because they used a dude check calendar. This calendar is based on the birth of Kim Il-sung grandfather of current leader Kim jong-un. 

3. In case you’re one of those people who thinks that size matters. I’ve come across a few of those North Korea is about the same size as Pennsylvania. 

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4. North Korea doesn’t actually view itself as North Korea. They see themselves as and call themselves Korea. And don’t particularly like the North bit. 

5. It’s a shame really but North Korean folk probably won’t ever read this article. The internet in North Korea is government-run. And mainly consists of propaganda and I’m guessing this post won’t exactly fit. 

6. One thing to note about North Korea is their love of spelling OOP. Whoops, let it change that in fact in 2013 a journalist was imprisoned for making a typo in a web article.  Admittedly he had spelt Kim Il-sung’s name wrong, which is a pretty big deal but six months in prison for that. 

7. A lot of people say that North Korea is communist. But the fact is it ain’t technically.

8. North Korea is the only neck Rosacea in the world. The country still operates under the rules of a dead leader Kim Olsen. Was given the crazily named position of the eternal president in 1994. 

9. Good news for North Korean fans of Snoop Dogg. And the Grateful Dead marijuana is legal in North Korea. And can be bought and sold pretty easily its called yoksam on buying up. 

10. Also, North Korea claims they’ve invented hangover-free alcohol too. And I mean why would they lie about that, wow this place doesn’t sound so bad after all. 

11 To 20: Facts About North Korea

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11. However, in 2012, a military officer was killed with a mortar for drinking. During the 100-day mourning period of Kim Jong-il’s death. Kim Jung Eun said he wanted only his hair to remain visible. Okay maybe cancel those plane tickets we just burped. 

12. Also in 2012 North Korean archaeologists announced. They found a unicorn layer which was meant to be the layer of the unicorn ridden by the legendary King Tong Myung. 2,000 years ago so that’s why we don’t see them everywhere anymore they’re all stuck in North Korea I get it now. 

13. North Korea is often considered quite undemocratic but comes on that’s complete. In fact, the country holds elections every five years however the ballot cards only have one option on them ah.

14. Based on your loyalty to the regime you’ll be put in a social category consisting of 51 ranks. If you’re in the lower categories you could be more liable to being watched closely. With a big magnifying glass, or even killed like a pole covered in Lube. This hierarchy is far easier to fall down than it is to climb up what that’s a fine simile to use. 

15. All music in North Korea is controlled by the state and has to glorify the regime in order to justify its existence. 

16. If you get caught listening to the same Pitbull. You will be executed for crimes against the state. All that counts for all western music by the way not just specifically pit bull.

17. Just to give you an idea of how unpleasant that would be. One of the more gruesome execution methods in North Korea is death by a flame thrower. So you could literally burn for listening to Ellie Goulding. 

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18. North Korea actually built fake villages by its borders. They look nice and appealing which’s a little bit like sender parks. In order to try and get south Koreans to move to North Korea weirdly, nobody actually lives in any of these buildings. 

19. In the fake village of kiyong dong, North Korea has used loudspeakers to play propaganda 20 hours a day. 20 hours maybe my neighbour is North Korean. And the King dance music he plays all King days most propaganda maybe the prick. Sorry, I’m going for a few things at home.  

20. Not to be outdone South Korea also play extremely loud propaganda encouraging North Korean troops. To defect against their own regime they even sometimes play k pop. So you know who that means. 

North Korea Facts

21 To 30: Facts About North Korea

21. North Korea has a three-generation to punishment rule. Where if you commit a crime your child and grandchild will also be punished for it. Even if they aren’t born yet. 

22. In North Korea, people have to pick between just 28 haircuts. 10 for men 18 for women folk these are haircuts that the government has chosen as acceptable.

23. If you are a married woman in North Korea. You have to short hair all the single ladies are allowed more options. 

24. Since the Korean War ended in 1953. 30,000 North Koreans have managed to escape and move to the south.

25. The old leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-il we should probably show a different picture of him. There we are anyhow he was a big film fan who had a collection of over 20,000 movies.

26. Kim Jong-il loved films so much. He kidnapped a director and his wife to make films for him in North Korea. After eight years of making movies, Shin Sang Ok and his wife escaped. That perfectly normal isn’t it kidnapping your favourite director. I mean if you’ve wondered why Edgar Wright hasn’t made a movie. 

27. One of the films he created was the Pulgasari propaganda version of Godzilla. Which was created after Kim Jong-il had seen the original and wanted his very own for North Korea Kim jong-il serves as the egg sack producer

28. Owning a Bible or even watching South Korean movies are both punishable by death.

29. And it’s not your sissy American death penalty stuff. Either in 2013 Kim jong-un killed his apparently defecting uncle by throwing him into a cage naked with 120 starving dogs. 

30. One person who defected from North Korea sent air balloons to airdrop thousands of copies of the famous Seth Rogen movie that legit nearly destroyed the whole world the interview into North Korea

31 To 40: Facts About North Korea

31. Kim Jong Il’s body is preserved and on public display. In fact, its the country’s most popular attractions. He is buried with an Apple MacBook Pro and his Moulton Liam contains a car a yacht and a train carriage no polgár sorry though lame. 

32. You are only allowed to communicate with people inside North Korea. If you are inside North Korea international calls are illegal and guess what punishable by death. 

33. In 2013 a Korean man has executed by firing squad. For calling his friend in South Korea. Wow, roaming charges can be murder, a no come on a man’s death. 

34. North Korea only has five TV channel, which is of course state-run sadly. They’re only available after 5:00 p.m. And on the weekends is it weird that I imagine it’s this guy presenting all of it. 

35. Okay, these facts about North Korea is really serious and morbid. So I’m just going to get professionals to do it instead Robin. From all-time conspiracies do in the 1990s approximately 3 million people died from famine in North Korea. 

36. Since 1990 12,000, 710 people have migrated to North Korea. 

37. School/University Hogwarts if you’re reading from there consult right well. It could be so much worse for students in North Korea Facts are required to pay for everything apart from their teacher in school. This includes desks chairs and even the heating.

38. Students even have to wear their uniform at all times even when not to school. At all times does I even mean in the shower.

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39. According to a North Korean defector school teachers maths, science, music in the arts but by far the most important subject is the history of the Kim family. 

40. According to a textbook, in North Korea Kim Jong-un learned to drive at the age of 3.  hey me too I mean it was at Lego land that kind of counts right.

North Korea Facts

41 To 50: Facts About North Korea

41. If you were born on either July 8th and December 17th. You are not allowed to celebrate your birthday. As those are the dates that Kim will soon and Kim Jong-il died.

42. If you’re in North Korea or are you the meaning of life. It is said you can only live in Pyongyang North Korea’s capital city. If you consider being among the best people according to The Guardian. 3 million people lived there who were considered trustworthy healthy and loyal in order to keep up appearances in foreign countries. 

43. If you are caught criticizing the government you will be sent to a re-education camp.  Where you must endure hard labour. And have to relearn the values of the regime, Which I can’t imagine being particularly pleasant. 

44. It isn’t particularly pleasant’s. In fact, they’re often horrifying in one of the North Korean camps. A mother was forced to drown her child because it wouldn’t stop crying. 

45. North Korea has a huge lack of natural resources for its fertilizer. It often uses human faeces which it demands from its people. I thought these raw North Korean potatoes desert Appalachia. I just assumed Matt Damon to give them to me.

46. The world’s largest stadium rain Grado made a stadium is situated in Pyongyang. It can hold 150 thousand people perfect for a concert actually maybe not. 

47. In fact, in 2013, 80 Christians were publicly executed in a stadium just for owning a Bible. 

48. North Korea once captured a boat named the USS Pueblo. They are so proud of this achievement they like to show it off at a museum. It is the only American Navy vessel still being held captive to this. 

49. One of the highest crimes in North Korea is to leave the country without a state of permission. You aren’t even permitted to travel in return for a vacation presumably because you then realize that literally everywhere else the planet is better. 

50. If you’re caught by the authorities on holiday. You will be forcibly returned to the country and sent to labour camps so probably not worth a trip to me bizarrely. 

51 To 60: Facts About North Korea

51. Put away those apple bottom jeans. As it’s illegal to wear jeans in North Korea the boots with the fur probably aren’t a great idea either.

52. The zone between North Korea and South Korea is called the Demilitarized Zone. Which technically speaking is actually the most militarized zone in the world. The lesson here is don’t judge a book by its cover. 

53. In 2011 a piece of graffiti against Kim Jong-il was found in Pyongyang. As a result, they locked down the whole city for three days. Wow if banks he lived there nothing would ever get done.

54. The national animal for North Korea is the chilymer a mythical winged horse. That’s so silly what other countries with other mythical animals there oh right yeah.

55. In 2013 Kim Shingen reportedly had his ex-girlfriend executed. In front of her family by a firing squad for making an s*x tape with an orchestra. I’m trying really hard not to make an American Pie joke. Hereby the way anyway the year afterwards she was seen on TV. Very much alive Kim jong-un claimed the execution rumour was the work of the South Korean government.

56. North Korea had over 1 million people in their military your art showing off.

57. Kim Jong-un’s older brother Kim Jong-Nam was arrested in 2001. When travelling to Disney land in Tokyo on a forged Passport. Oh man, he just wanted to ride the Space Mountain I get it.

58. Kim Jong-il was recognized by over 50 titles. Including supreme leader our father the general. 

59. Kim Jong-il had a fear of flying which is why he ordered a private train to be made. To allow him to visit certain areas of the country to be fair. If I had that kind of power I never to blind going from my flat to a Domino’s restaurant which doesn’t even exist. 

60. The average salary in North Korea is $1,500 compared to the American average of $50,000.

61 To 70: Facts About North Korea

61. The Rio Kyung hotel is the tallest building in the country. But despite construction beginning in 1987. It still isn’t finished, it has 105 floors with 3,000 rooms which are all empty.

62. So as we all know South Korea and North Korea aren’t on the best of terms. But can you guess what one of their disputes has been about? Well, it is this at choco-pie.

63. Yes in 2014 Kim Jung Unban choco pies. Because they were becoming so popular and so valuable on the black market. He believed they may encourage an uprising against him. Somehow an uprising led by chocolate and marshmallow. Now that is something I can get behind Nintendo.

64. The reason they were so popular. As big as North Korean workers who worked at the choco pie factory owned by South Korea. Were paid bonuses in choco pies which they would then sell on for more to try and make money.

65. According to Washington, Post North Korea authorities claimed. South Korea was trying to invade the stomach’s Korean people and so banned them.

66. Because of this, South Korea launched 50 balloons carrying choco pies into North Korea. Viewing this as an ideological threat. North Korea did the classic North Korea thing is threatening to shell anybody who sent any more pies.

67. After the death of Kim jong-il thousands of people. Face six-month sentences in prison camps due to not being sufficiently upset enough. Now imagine if it was like that in Britain the stiff-upper-lip would kill us all.

68. According to a 2013 BBC documentary, North Korea a state of mind. Some residences in North Korea have a radio tuned to a government-controlled frequency that can’t be turned off only down.

69. So after hearing all this I bet you’re thinking. Hey, I want to move to North Korea and become a teacher right. Well if you want to be a teacher in North Korea. You have to have one very specific qualification the ability to play the accordion.

70. City in 2015 North Korea created its own time zone called Pyongyang time. 8.30 hours ahead of GMT in case you want to set your watch.

71 To 80: Facts About North Korea

71. Kim Jong-un reportedly imports vast quantities of Swiss cheese. Into North Korea as he is addicted to it.

72. In 2015 South Korea stated, he weighs 180 kilograms that’s 20 stone. If you’re watching this South Korea said that okay not me don’t shoot the messenger.

73. Basketball hopper isn’t that what they called Dennis Rodman is apparently friends with Kim Jong-un. And has even been over to visit Kim jong-unloves ball. And even played it with him while offering a vow of eternal friendship. 

75. In North Korea basketball rules have been changed. So you were able to get four-pointers and you can lose points for missing free throws. I mean I don’t know what any of that means I’m more of a squash guy. But I just thought I’d let you know.

75. North Korea is tied with Somalia as the most corrupt country in the world. Scoring an 8 out of a hundred on the corruption perceptions index scale. By the way, one is very corrupt and a hundred is not corrupt. 

76. Christmas is not a thing in North Korea instead they celebrate the birth of Kim Jong Il’s mother’s birthday on December the 24th.

77. The government strictly controls all levels of education in North Korea. So it is unlikely this post is going to be shown in any classroom. Unlike everywhere else in the world.

78. Kim Jong-il was only 5 foot 2 and wore chunky shoes. And sported a springy haircut to make him appear taller. Hear that Clive that’s a tip there if you make. 

79. On a rare occasion, Western visitors are actually allowed they are situated in a hotel on an island in Pyongyang. Where power heat etc is available 24/7. Wow, fantastic service according to Huffington Post. 

80. Apparently, upon entering the country your laptop is searched for movies. That they deem controversial such as again the Seth Rogen movie. That nearly destroyed a life from a planet at the interview and p*rnography. 

81 To 90: Facts About North Korea

81. You are not allowed to take photos of the poor. As the country feel it will ruin their image like pretty much everything in North Korea it’s a punishable offence.

82. On top of that tourists aren’t allowed to talk to locals. They can’t even try as they are kept under-watched by a tour guide. The entire time they are there and can’t explore anywhere on their own. 

83. The country is very surprised blaming a lot of their problems on Uncle Sam. The country, not your Uncle Sam or indeed me. 

84. However, despite all the hatred, North Korea has a favourite in 2016. US political race and that candidate is right-wing human. Donald Trump a propaganda website back to him. Saying he is a very wise man and that the US should vote for him. 

85. Even walking about in North Korea is dangerous. Many of North Korea’s traffic lights don’t work and somehow traffic ladies to direct all the traffic.

86. North Korea has nukes and it wants you to know about it. They’ve openly admitted that they have nuclear weapons and have bragged about it too. 

87. The first test of these weapons was in 2006 and it’s been tested again in 2009, 2013 and 2016. Experts slightly doubt the size of the explosions registered though.

88. Their main reason for having these weapons wasn’t. Because Kim jong-il particularly liked fireworks they claim it’s to guarantee the security of their regime in the face of their enemies.

89. Apart from the few that had been tested, it is unknown how many nuclear weapons North Korea owns. It wants you to think it’s loads.

90. It was reported in 2014 that North Korea told its people. They won the World Cup this was then revealed to be a hoax. 

91 To 101: Facts About North Korea

91. Only the elite in North Korea can chow down on McDonald’s burgers which are delivered every day from Beijing by plane. I’ve heard of sausage and Eggman often run but that is ridiculous.

92. The only people allowed to use vehicles in North Korea are government and military officials. Top gear North Korea must be being boring.

93. Allegedly according to defectors. North Korea’s officials have 2,000 women recruited as part of a kippah mojo. A pleasure squat it’s exactly what you’re thinking it is each performer is paid fairly.

94. North Korea regularly released pictures to the world. To glorify their power a bit as we all do on Snapchat. Come on we’ve all done it one of these images is Kim jong-un at. The tests for a missile launch, however, some of these photos have been proven to be photoshopped

95. North Korea’s space program abbreviation is Kwangmyŏngsŏng programme which in Spanish translates are nothing hilariously Kwangmyŏngsŏng programme. 

96. The constitution of North Korea states the citizens are guaranteed freedom of speech. Of the press of assembly demonstration and Association.

97. North Korea has allegedly been selling its citizens as slaves. To other countries around the globe for instance to Russia. 

98. Kim Jong-il used to spend 1.2 million dollars on Hennessy each year. Now that he’s gone I bet they could put those 1.2 million dollars to better use.  

99. According to Business Insider and the CIA out of 25,000,554 kilometres of the road, only 724  kilometres it’s actually paved. 

100. Seems right no one takes me to see. And so I’m running Wow quite how we won or killed of this I honestly will never know. 

101. And it costs approximately $8,000 to defect and escape from North Korea into China. Considering those lucky enough to have salaries on an average of 1.5 thousand a year. That’s a lot of sailing up to do but probably worth it.  You can finally wear jeans and not be scared of dying all the time. 

Fact about North Korea and I won’t hurt you. But I had a lovely but harrowing time if you want more 101 facts article like the people of North Korea. Keep Visiting Regularly to this website. 

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