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101 Facts About South Korea Do You Know This

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South Korea for a long time now and we finally caved in proving once. And for all that peer pressures an effective means of getting. Exactly what you want Vonda bar but how. Check out these Strange Facts About South Korea 

101 Unique Facts About South Korea

101 Unique Facts About South Korea

1. South Korea is officially the Republic of Korea. A country in East Asia constituting the southern part of the Korean Peninsula.

2. As you can see South Korea shares a land border with its evil – North Korea. To the west is the Yellow Sea in mainland china and lying east it’s sunrise across from the Sea of Japan. And the career straight directly south this the East China Sea which opens up to the Philippine Sea and the Pacific Ocean. 

3. The name Korea is derived from could Goryeo which was a powerful ancient kingdom. That was established on and around the Korean Peninsula in 37 BC lasting for over 700 years. 

4. The Lenka Goryeo means high and clear which is nice. However a slightly more poetic interpretation of then Korea island of high mountains and sparkling streams.

5. South Korea has a total landmass of around 38,750 square miles which makes South Korea roughly the same size as u.s.state of Indiana. 

6. South Korea also includes over 3,000 islands. Most located off the country’s rugged southern coast. Otherwise it that’s soap s*xily by far the largest of these islands is Jeju located in the Korea Strait. 

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7. South Korea lies in the Northern temperate zone. And tends to have a humid continental and subtropical climate. The country has a predominantly mountainous terrain with arable lowlands. Constituting only 30% of the total land area basically means they can’t grow food there.

8. Not only that but the vast majority of South Korea’s land is also covered in trees. 64% of the country is forested. 

9. The human component of South Korea is comprised of an estimated 501.4 million people or roughly 25.7 million people.

10. South Korea’s largest city and capital are Seoul which has a population of roughly 10 million people. That means that one in every five South Koreans lives in the capital. A further 15 million people live within the Seoul Capital Area.

Facts About South Korea

11 To 20: Historical Facts About South Korea

11. In addition, roughly 2.1 million South Koreans live in the old US of A the leanest cities like New York, Chicago and Seattle. The first Koreans began immigrating to the United States in 1903. More than half of them emigrated to the islands of Hawaii. In order to work on sugar and pineapple plantations.

12. Archaeological evidence suggests that early humans first inhabited the Korean peninsula roughly 500. 

13. Later on, the Korean peninsula was settled by tong duck speaking people. who migrated from Manchuria and Siberia. These groups formed the dominant ethnic foundation of the Korean people. And spoke languages that eventually developed into modern Korean well done to them.

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14. The first recognizable political state to arise in the Korean peninsula was the Koguryo. On the ethics ko meaning ancient, this thing was hidden from the later Joseon dynasty. We’ll get to later, my impatient little darlings Kojo team was founded in two 333 BC. 

15. North Korea and the Chinese region of Manchuria. But it stands as the foundation of modern Korea. So I felt it was worth mentioning one of the earliest states to forming what we know. As South Korea is the state of Jin, not that kind of Jin which was established no later than the third century. 

16. By roughly the 1st century BC, Joseon had developed into a league of tribes in an area of at the dong. And Liao rivers eventually evolved into three main rival kingdoms. Carrillo picture and Shilla this was known as the Three Kingdoms period. Because it was a period of time in which there were three kingdoms. 

17. The three kingdoms were also joined by the Chi a confederacy which was a collection of city-states located on the central section to the Korean Peninsula. Southern coast the China confederacy managed to stay independent for 100 years. Throughout the three kingdoms period because it was a funky little polity that in his owned thing. 

18. However, the guy can better see never fully developed into a centralized kingdom. And those utter rot banks in the Shilla Kingdom. Eventually annexed a guy Confederacy in 562 AD packs. 

19. Over an 8-year period between 660 and 668 AD. The kingdom of Shilla conquered and unified the Korean Peninsula with the assistance of China. Under the Tang Dynasty, this formed the later Shilla Kingdom. And for the first time created a united Korean identity.

20. However, the state’s rigid class system caused stagnation and unrest in later Shilla. And in 892 AD The kingdom fractured which resulted in the re-emergence of the previous kingdoms. 

21 To 30: Historical Facts About South Korea

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21. In 918 the leader of later Carrillo was ousted by two names. And, by the way, yes this is completely legit I’m not making this up his name was Wang Khan. Anyway, Wang Khan went to conquer the picture. And Shilla unifying the country wants more under a new name. The Koryo dynasty was the first truly unified Korean state in the history of the Korean Peninsula. 

22. Despite a brief period between 1117 and 1217 which the government was controlled by military regime leaders. And experienced several Mongol invasions. Koriyama existed as an unbroken dynasty that ruled Korea for 474 years.

23. Koryo dynasty fell in 1392 and was replaced by the Chosun dynasty which lasted with impressive 518 years. 

24. In the 1590s the Korean Peninsula was twice invaded by the Japanese. In the conflict that has collectively known as the engine war.  Japan’s forces were repelled by the ingenious military tactics of Admiral Yi Sun-sin. 

25. In 1897 the Joseon dynasty changed the official name of the country for the Kingdom of Joson to the empire of Korea.

In the misplaced hope of an auspicious future that wouldn’t be completely upended only 13 years later.

26. Only 13 years later, however, Japan finally annexed Korea in 1910 bringing the Korean Empire. And its monarchy to an end, the Japanese exercised strict colonial control over the Korean people. and force him to speak Japanese and practice Shintoism.

27. I hope you’re ready for a sad serious voice because these are dark facts people during world war II. Approximately five million four hundred thousand Koreans were conscripted by the Japanese to alleviate a labour shortage.

That developed as a result of the conscription of Japanese males roughly 670 thousand of these were taken to Japan.

They were forced to work under appalling conditions leading to roughly 60,000 deaths. It’s estimated that between 270,000 to 810, 000 Korean forced labourers in Korea and Manchuria also died during this period. 

28. The Imperial Japanese Army also abducted them from their homes. Nearly 200-thousand women. Over 80% of whom were Korean and forced them to work as slaves for Japanese soldiers.

Known as comfort women they were sent across China and Southeast Asia. And was subjected to the brutality one would expect from forced female slaves roughly three-quarters of these women died during the war. 

29. At the end of World, War II South Korea was released from Japanese colonial rule.  When Japan surrendered to Soviet and US forces who occupied the northern and southern half of Korea respectively.

Despite an initial plan to unify Korea failed negotiations and escalating Cold War hostility between the United States and the Soviet Union. Eventually led to the establishment of two separate and ideologically distinct governments. 

31 To 40: Historical Facts About South Korea

30. In what is known as the division of South Korea. A separate election held in U.S. Zone in 1948 created the pro-west Republic of Korea. In southern Korea now commonly known a she gets to South Korea in the north.

The Soviets appointed communist Kim il-sung as the leader of North Korea which has since become infamous is pretty much the worst place on earth. 

31. Both Koreas then pursued authoritarian repression. That sent within their respective regions with each considering themselves to be the true descendant of historical Korea.

On the 25th of June 1950, North Korea invaded South Korea sparking the Korean War. The conflict involved the United States.

China the Soviet Union and several other nations lasted for three years. Until reaching a stalemate in 1953 by which points roughly 1.2 million people had already died. 

32. At this point, the two Koreas agreed to create the Korean Demilitarized Zone. A buffer zone between the two countries.

That remains the most heavily fortified border on earth. The 4-kilometre wide border commonly abbreviated to DMZ stretches. 245 kilometres across the Korean peninsula from the Yellow Sea to the Sea of Japan. 

33. In the decade since the division of Korea. Between 100,000 and 300,000 people have made our decision to escape from North Korea.

Most of whom fled to Russia or China roughly 30,000 North Koreans eventually made their way to South Korea.

By comparison, very, few South Koreans have ever defected to the north neighbourhoods as a result of the demilitarized zones. The creation of much of the natural wildlife and rare plants along the border has remained untouched for over 60 years.

This has allowed unique species of plants and wild animals to flourish. Such that the area is now recognised as one of the most well-preserved areas of temperate habitat in the world. 

35. Though North and South Korea signed a cease-fire in 1953. The conflicts never officially ended meaning North Korea and South Korea are technically still at war. 

36. Following the Korean War. South Korea struggled with political instability and autocratic governments. Well into the 1980s it was also until a former Army general named wrote a Wu won.

The country’s first free presidential election in 1987 followed a period of military rule. South Korea finally transitioned away from its turbulent past. 

37. South Korea is now a presidential Republic consisting of 17 s*xy little administrative divisions. Of these nine properties similar to US states and ate special or metropolitan cities.

38. In 2012 South Korea elected Park Geun-Hye as their first-ever female president. In doing so she became the first female president popularly elected as head of state in East Asia good times. 

39. However, in 2017 Park Geun-Hye was later impeached and ultimately sentenced to 24 years in prison. after she was found guilty of multiple counts of abuse of power bribery and coercion bad times.

40. Both North and South Korean speak Korean. Korean consists of 14 continents and 10 vowels and is written with an alphabetic writing system known as Hangul.

And was personally developed by King Se on the great in the 15th century. Prior to that Korean was written using Chinese characters.

41 To 50: Historical Facts About South Korea

41.  In fact, more than half of Korean vocabulary is taught to be derived from Chinese. That reflects the influence that China had on Korea over the past few thousand years. Or so those Chinese dudes really get around the meaning of life. 

43. Amazingly the Korean word for Swiss Army knife makes I bow Cal is an entirely Korean word. Meaning knife but make I bow is derived from the title character of the iconic American TV series MacGyver. Wow, these is the best facts about South Korea, so far a big fan of this fact. 

44. The South Korean phrase for light a cigarette literally translates to attach pyre.

45. The current flag of South Korea incorporates symbols. And philosophies of Buddhism and Taoism with a red and blue yin-yang surrounded by four symbols. Representing heaven earth fire and water the flag is known as the type which literally means supreme ultimate flag. 

46. The hibiscus Syria Because a flowering plant species are also known as the Rose of Sharon. Who Sharon is South Korea’s national flower where it’s known as mu Tong Hua the flower is even mentioned in the national anthem. So yeah it’s a pretty important flower. 

47. Both the tiger and rabbit are important entities of Korean folklore. And have found throughout Korean folk tales. And art some Koreans even say that the Korean Peninsula is shaped like a tiger and others of rabbits. 

48. The most common family names in South Korea are Kim Lee and Park. More than a fifth of all South Koreans, in fact, had the last name, Kim. 

49. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, South Korea has the highest estimated national IQ in the world. The country with the lowest IQ is all. 

50. South Koreans are some of the most overworked people on earth in 2018. The South Korean government was forced to pass legislation. Introducing a maximum 52-hour workweek down from a punishing 68 hours previously.

51 To 60: Historical Facts About South Korea

51. Although South Korea enjoys very high living standards. Suicide is a serious and widespread problem. In fact, South Korea has the highest suicide rate in the developed world, according to the health organization.

52. South Korea boasts the world’s fastest wireless speeds on the planet. Though with an average download speed of 33.5 megabits per second. That’s it’d be three times the average speed of second-place Hong Kong.

53. Not only that incredible 90.2% per cent of all South Koreans have broadband access.

54. South Koreans are also some of the biggest smartphone users in the world. As of 2013 79.5% per cent of the South Korean population had a smartphone. Among 18 to 24-year-olds that bigger jumps to 97.7% per cent. 

55. According to the South Korean national Information Agency. 14% per cent of South Koreans between the ages of 9 and 12 are addicted to the Internet. In 2011 South Korea passed a law called the shutdown law. That bans anyone younger than 16 from accessing online game sites between midnight and 6:00 a.m.

56. Not only that in 1999 South Korea passed the law. Requiring all online shopping and banking to be done using Internet Explorer. As of 2016, that law is still in place which I genuinely consider abuse of human rights.

57. By law, every South Korean man is obliged to inform 21 months of military training. At the age of 28 which means s*xist in 2018. But hey whatevs aside from those with disabilities. The only South Korean men who are exempt from conscription are successful Olympic athletes and footballers.

58. South Korea has a controversial national security law that forbids citizens and showing support for North Korea in any context. In 2016 a 73-year-old South Korean man was sentenced to a year in prison for praising the north on his blog years previously.

59. Adultery was only legalised in South Korea in 2015. Prior to that, the crime of cheating on one’s husband or wife was punishable by up to 2 years in prison.

60. South Korea is known for a fairly unique practice, within its criminal justice system. In which people suspected of crimes had, just murder are taken back to the scene of the crime. where they are forced to recreate it in public, not only that the media is often invited to take pictures and publish details about the crime too weird.

61 To 70: Surprise Facts About South Korea

61. South Korea is the largest market for plastic surgery per capita in the world. With some estimates suggesting that one in five women in Seoul have gone. Under the knife for at least one cosmetic procedure. 

62. One of the most commons plastic surgery procedures performed in South Korea is eyelid surgery. In which the skin around the eye is reshaped to create a crease. In the upper eyelid, this procedure is controversial. As many people suggest it’s done to appeal to western beauty standards. Even so the surgery so popular that some wealthy south Koreans receive double eyelid surgery on their 16th birthday. 

63. South Korean men are particularly evolved when it comes to making up. With as many as one in five South Korean gents reporting to using make up-regulate. In fact, many South Korea spending close to 19 million u.s.dollars a year on makeup. 

64. The national dish of South Korea is kimchi. That is a combination of fermented vegetables and spices, the first written description of making kimchi dates. To the 13th century and today, there are literally hundreds of different varieties of the dish.

65. Kimchi was so popular in South Korea. That when taking a photo South Koreans say kimchi instead of cheese. which implies that kimchi is better than cheese but it isn’t because literally, nothing is better than cheese.

66. Although it may be shocking to other nations. Around the world dog meat has been eaten in South Korea for centuries. And it’s still served in certain Korean restaurants and street markets. Today, however, this practice has become increasingly controversial in recent decades. And contrary to popular belief only a very small percentage of South Koreans have actually tried it.

67. Incredibly only 3.2% of Koreans are overweight which makes them one of the least obese nations on the planet. 

68. A most popular type of alcohol in South Korea is soju a clear distilled beverage. Similar to babka that’s traditionally made from rice-wheat or barley. The alcohol content of shoji varies from about 70% all about 53% and is usually consumed neat.

69. Denizens of the nation’s capital of Seoul are tied with the people of Tokyo. As the most sleep-deprived city slickers in the world. The inhabitants of both cities get the least amount of sleep any residents of major cities on earth at less than 6 hours of sleep a night. 

70. Day in Korean the word Seoul literally means capital city. I’m starting to get the impression that Koreans are fairly literal people. 

Facts About South Korea

71 To 80: Interesting Facts About South Korea

71. Seoul is home to Lotte world. They made a recreation complex that houses the world’s largest indoor theme park. The complex also contains shopping malls luxury hotel a monorail Korean folk museum. Sports facilities and cinemas or as the Americans call it movie theatres.

72. Tourists in South Korea are often drawn to hasten in a park. Which is located in the northeast of the country. The pain is notable for containing roughly highly stylised tattoos of, you can see well that is which were erected to a piece of a fabled virgin woman. who drowned at sea it’s best if you don’t ask. 

73. Similarly, the beaches of South Korea’s largest island Geojedo. 

74. The island of Jersey was also home to Hallasan a shield volcano and the tallest mountain in the country  Hallasan measures up an impressive 6,388ft in height. 

75. The island of Jeju is also home to the han yo or women who are female divers who hunt for sea urchins abalone and octopus without using breathing apparatus. This tradition of diving dates back to the 5th century. Though it didn’t become an exclusively female profession until the 17th century when significant s of men died at war.

76. In practice, it probably seems slightly odd to most Westerners. Roughly 60% of South Korean families use professional to find a name for their babies based on the Chinese zodiac. 

77. Apparently however South Koreans need to stop fussing over the name to get back to boinking. According to a 2014 study commissioned by the national legislature add their current birth rate South Koreans will go extinct by 2750 yikes. 

78. Interestingly South Koreans may not consider themselves to be the same age. As foreigners born on the very same day. This is because in South Korea babies are considered one year old at birth. 

79. Speaking of birthdays a traditional birthday dish, served in South Korea is seaweed soup. 

80. South Koreans reached the age of 60. They are often thrown a lavish party called a 1 gap which originated before the development of modern medicine. When very few people live to that age it’s also a significant birthday because the traditional Korean it’s based on a 60-year cycle. 

Facts About South Korea

81 To 90: Surprise Facts About South Korea

81. Christmas is an official holiday in South Korea. As roughly a third of all South Korean to Christians. However, the festival apparel is worn by South Korean Santa Claus. Isn’t red but blue or even more rarely green he is also known as Santa Kulu so which means grandfather Santa. 

82. In South Korea, April 14th is a holiday reserved for single people. Who did not receive gifts on valentine’s Day the holiday is known as a black day.

83. South Korean celebrated the Harvest Moon festival known as Chuseok. By travelling back to their hometowns to visit and clean the graves of their ancestors. To which they bring gifts such as fine boots. 

84. Originally conceived as a way to advertise mud cosmetics. South Korea’s annual boreal mud festival attracts millions of people from around the world. Every year for ten whole days among enthusiasts partake in mud marathons. 

85. It’s a popular belief in South Korea as well as Japan and Taiwan. That one blood type can determine a persons personality character and social compatibility. This belief is so profoundly ingrained into Korean culture in may even affect to whom a person decides to marry. 

86. In South Korea, it’s commonly believed that leaving an electric fan on overnight in an unventilated room will kill anyone inside sleeping. Though this belief is declining amongst younger Koreans it remains a persistent superstition in Korean culture. Despite literally zero evidence to support it. 

87. Of course, we can’t talk about South Korea without mentioning the biggest event of 2012 Gangnam style. The infectious pop song written and performed by South Korean-pop star Psy was released on July the 15th 2012. Accompanied by a quirky and hilarious music video the song quickly went viral topped the charts in 30 countries around the world. and on the 21st of December Gangnam Seoul became the first YouTube video to reach 1 billion views.

88. Indeed the explosive South Korean cultures throughout the world have been dubbed.  

89. In 2012 a prison in the South Korean city of Pohang became the first in the world to introduce robotic prison guards. The bolts are equipped with 3d depth cameras a 2-way communication system. And software capable of identifying certain human behaviour patterns. Allowing them to effectively conduct patrols through prison corridors. 

90. South Korea it’s also home to Yoido Full Gospel Church which boasts the largest congregation on the planet. With over 830,000 members as of 2016 sadly. 

Facts About South Korea

91 To 101: Surprise Facts About South Korea

91. Somewhat hurtfully in South Korea, an unmarried person is often referred to as a big baby.

92. Many Korean homes have heated floors a tradition called on doll meaning warm stone.  Which states all the way back to 1000 BC more than 90 per cent of houses in South Korea have modern floor heating. 

93. Taxis in South Korea and literally colour-coded. According to the level of service offered a grey or white taxi will offer a basic service for the qualified for a potentially inexperienced driver. Whereas luxury cars with experienced drivers are painted black. 

94. South Korea’s national sport is Taekwondo which had developed in the 1940s and 50s out of Chinese martial arts like karate and the indigenous Korean martial arts. 

95. Shehram is a Korean form of racing. That can be traced all the way back to 37 BC starting as competition between villages. Before it developed into a fully-fledged martial art.

96. Baseball is one of the most popular sports in South Korea where it’s known as Hanguk Yagu Seonsukkwon Daehoe there are in fact of interesting differences between Hanguk Yagu Seonsukkwon Daehoe and American-style baseball. 

97. Interestingly basically the only recent baseball even exists in South Korea. It is because of dictator general shouldn’t do harm we established the Korean baseball organization in 1981. As a way to pacify the people of South Korea who kept protesting his regime and attempting to revolt still, he ended up in prison. 

98. A popular pastime in South Korea is kite flying. On the last day of the new moon before the Lunar New Year. It’s a tradition to let go of your kites in the hope your bad luck will float away with them. 

99. Another popular sport in South Korea is ten pin bowling. That’s was introduced to the country by American GIs during the Korean War. 

100. Oh since the game launched in 1988 nearly half of all copies sold. One of the best selling games in history had been sold in South Korea. 

101. The world’s oldest existing astronomical laboratory is known as Cheomseongdae. The observatory is located in Jiangsu South Korea. 

So that was 101 facts about South Korea which one did you enjoy the most let me know in the comments down below. 

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