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101 Surprising Facts About Japan Country You Should Know

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Facts About Japan Country: Today my name is a gloriously weird and simultaneously badass country in the world Japan. But why do they love to censor the naughty bits?

Since when was this guy a citizen if a tree falls down in a forest and nobody hears it did it really fall down to ATO through those questions are going to be answered.

So strap in and discover what the Land of the Rising Sun has to offer his in for you some bloody weird game shows these are 101 facts about Japan. 

101 Interesting Facts About Japan

1. Believe it or not, Japan is a country made up of islands. Along the Pacific coast of Asia, I’m just telling you this in case you were born in a cave and subsequently lived there until right now. 

 Interesting Facts About Japan

2. Japan actually has two other names for its residence Nihon and Nippon. Nippon is apparently a more formal and fancy way of saying it. If you’re over there and you really want to impress someone.

3. Nihon literally translates as sun origin so the country has the nickname the Land of the Rising Sun. Not to be confused with that song sung by the animals. Not literal animals I mean you know there is a house in New Orleans you know that one. 

4. If you want to visit sure by all means do, but pack hiking boots 73% per cent of the country consists of mountains. There are more than 200 volcanoes forty of which are active. I don’t mean they’re into Cross Fit either you know they spray larvae and stuff. 

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5. The highest mountain is Mount Fuji standing at a whopping 3776 meters that’s the equivalent of about two thousand and eight huge Ackman stacked on top of one another.  

6. As well as that approximately 1,500 earthquakes are reported in Japan every year. 

7. The worst earthquake on record in Japan happened just off the coast. In 2011 with a map of 9.5 resulting in the tragic death of over 15,000 people. 

8. The population stands at a whopping 7.3 million people. That’s the equivalent of one hundred twenty-seven point three million Hugh Jackmen. 

9. There are very few immigrants who moved to Japan. Wow, Donald Trump must love it there so 98% per cent of the population is Japanese. Okay now move to number 10 facts about japan. 

10. Weirdly though between 2010 and 2015, the population of Japan dropped by 0.7 per cent. Now that doesn’t sound like much but that’s around 947,345 five people. Less that’s like losing the entirety of Staten Island twice. 

11. Why could this be happening? Well, it could be to do with japan’s strange relationship to s*x more. On that later one survey found that 40 per cent of singles in their 20s and 30s think they have more to prioritize over relationships. 

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12. Even more than that in 2013. The Japan Family Planning Association found the 46% of women aged between 16 to 24 were not interested in. Or even despised sexual contact counter those plane tickets are just burst that doesn’t matter anymore. 

13. As anybody who’s ever been to a drop. If you lessen or as we call them in Britain Pub Quiz. Will know Tokyo is the capital of Japan it’s home to 13 million of the country’s population. 

14. Average life expectancy in Japan is 81 years, which is the same as us. Here in the UK and four more years than those of the more American flavour. 

15. The currency in Japan is known as yen. Weirdly it’s also unofficially and occasionally used by Zimbabwe too. Apparently, though this is only in case of emergencies. 

16. The yen was first introduced by the government under a guy named Emperor Meiji. wow, what a majestic moustache that is. 

17. In Japan facts, Emperor Meiji introduced many things to modernize Japan. From its previous feudal ways transforming. It into a western-style state he also spearheaded the wearing of Western clothes as well as adopting its culture and food. 

18. Speaking of food religion that Segway could have been better. I suppose but for some of us food is a religion. Okay god, I’m hungry anyway Buddhism was introduced in Japan in 552 C II. It’s one of two main religions alongside Shinto. 

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19. Shinto dates back all the way to the 18th century. The religion centres around rituals to enable humans to communicate with kami which is said to be native spirits. 

20. Between 1185 in the late 1800s, it was the age of the samurai. Were great warriors who were initially hired by those with money and power like landowners as protection sort of like badass bodyguards.

Facts About Japan
Facts About Japanatomic bomb attacks

Weird Facts About Japan: 21 To 30

21. The samurai lived by a particular code a bit like Batman. I suppose known as at Bush idiot a code based on loyalty honour. And frugality actually that last one isn’t really my Batman at all is it.

22. Oh, one of these honourable codes was that samurai must perform something known as seppuku. If they fail by the way no seppuku is not a jolly little jig. But it’s actually ritual suicide by disembowelling themselves to uphold honour once they have been shamed or failed mesh. 

23. Fast forward a few centuries and Japan was actually briefly occupied by America after their defeat in World War II.  America occupied the country between 1945 and 1952 yeah as you can tell these sections going to be full of laughs. 

24. This was after the events of December 1941. In which Japanese planes attacked American naval base Pearl Harbor. The death toll totalled over 2,000 people. 

25. This led to two atomic bomb attacks on the Japanese, regions of Hiroshima and Nagasaki which combined led to the death of over 200,000 people. 

26. This makes Japan the only country in the world to have been nuked not just once but twice. 

27. Okay, all that was horrible. So here’s something a little bit lighter for you. This is an Oshima island also known as cat heaven. In this small fishing village felines out. Number humans six to one because of this crazy cat ladies and pussy lovers everywhere come to visit making it a big tourist hotspot. 

28. In the summer rub six dips for. Oh no wait sorry that’s the summer 69 is Natori my bad in the summer of 1964 the Olympic Games was held in Tokyo. Becoming the first Olympic Games to be held in Asia. 

29. Japan is going to host the games again in 2020. The lucky so-and-so’s Prime Minister Abe Shinzo made a special appearance at the Rio closing ceremony. He made quite an entrance to emerging from a giant green pipe as a jumping Italian plumber. 

30. Japan’s national sport near-naked giant have been wrestling each other to the ground for about 1,500 years. Now it’s even considered as a Shinto ritual. 

Unknown Facts About Japan: 31 To 40

31. If you are a sumo wrestler first of all thanks for reading this. But also you’re not allowed to drive and they must always wear the traditional dress. I wouldn’t laugh if I were you.

32. Baseball is also a very popular sport in Japan. Has been since it was first introduced to the country in 1860. 

33. Japan is a busy place like a crazy busy place. So you can imagine in commuting being a bit of a nightmare. Well look at this, is how busy the subway.

34. In Japan facts, there are even people employed to push, as many people onto trains as physically possible. 

35. Punctuality in Japan is a massive dealio on the rare occasion. The trains are delayed it’s normally by about 0.6 minutes. Even then can we just get a delay certificate to explain to their boss why they might be late? 

36. Japan’s literacy rate is 99 per cent that’s just one of 100 per cent. Math fans to achieve this the Japanese have collectively spent 10.9 billion yen on tutoring and extra studying. 

37. In Japan facts, there is so much academic pressure in Japan. Schools are schools specifically designed to be attended after schooling. Amma’s and at the weekend because education in academia is just so fun right kids. 

38. It doesn’t get much better, when you’re an adult either in Japan facts an average workweek is over 50 hours. And the workday average is 18 to 20 hours. 

39. Because of the long hours and pressures of Japan business culture. in Amiri is actively encouraged no don’t worry enemy’s not suicided again. Its nothing at work apparently it shows your dedication to the job. Which I’m gonna do now by having a power nap for about 7 seconds. 

40. The suicide rate in Japan is even 60% higher than the global average. Facts About Japan

Interesting Facts About Japan: 41 To 50

41. The Japanese also have ignition as hikikomori people who suffer from this refused to leave the house and isolate themselves from society in 2010. It was recorded that over 700,000 people had this condition. The meaning of life in Japan facts pressures from work are so high in Japan they even have a word for death from overwork. 

43. There are even several hot spots for these tragedies the Aokigahara forest is the place where the most suicides occur in Japan.

44. Located near Mount Fuji hundreds of people have ended their lives there. It’s gotten so bad that the path into the forest has many signs advertising suicide prevention. Hotlines and urging visitors to consider their families good. 

45.  But hey if business and stress aren’t going too well. There are other options too like enrolling in one of the 130 voice acting schools around the country.

46. This is because and I don’t know whether you realize this or not it may be a bombshell. But anime is a big deal in Japan anime plays a massive part in tourism during hundreds of thousands and making the economy go super Saiyan.

47. In Japan facts through its anime, Japan produces 60% of the animation of the world. 

48. On average Japanese folk watch two hundred and sixty-four minutes of television every day. I’m not sure how they fit that in without naps. And ridiculously busy work and school life up. Hey hey, there we go who needs sleep. 

49. They do love their manga. To the highest selling manga, one piece follows a man by the frankly great name of monkey D Luffy. Who is made of rubber fair enough and captain of a pirate crew? 

50. It’s still going now and it is bigger than ever. In Japan facts, between November 2015 and may 2016 one piece sold more than 6.47 million books. 

Strange Facts About Japan: 51 To 60

51. It also got turned into an anime to first air in 1999 as of current burbling it’s still going to after 763 episodes. 

52. This very Nisha not very well knows franchise also originates from Japan. To you won’t have heard of it though. 

53. Since the 1950s the crime rate in Japan has been very low, less than one person is murdered for every 100,000 of the population. which is a very comforting thought to the people of Japan but terrifying for everyone else. 

54. For what they lack in killing people they make up for it for murdering fish. A study in 2012 found that Japan consumes 582 million tons of fish a year. That’s 12% of the world’s fish populations. 

55. What’s your favourite food at Christmas turkey the insane amount of Yorkshire puddings. Although that’s mainly a Britfolk thing how about some fried chicken because that’s what the Japanese have at Christmas time. 

56. In Japan facts, in 2015 around 3.6 million people had KFC on Christmas Day. And they don’t even celebrate Christmas.

57. Christmas is a time of celebration though. But more for couples than four G’s and Santa Christmas Eve, for instance, is actually more like Valentine’s Day than actual Christmas.

58. If there’s one thing Japan loves its coffee. Damn fine coffee you can buy canned coffee from over five million vending machines all over the country.

59. Even the happiest cracky faced man in the world Tommy Lee Jones advertises. It over there in what can only be described as the most Japanese advert ever. I bet he loved making these.

60. Sokka is an alcoholic drink made from fermented rice koji, rice malt and water. And has been popular in Japan. Since around 713 AD, there are around 1,600 producers of Sakai in the country. 

Strange Facts About Japan: 61 To 70

61. This is a watermelon nice isn’t it well this may look like it’s from Minecraft. But it’s a watermelon in Japan. They are grown square because they are easier to stack in shops and easier to store in the fridge at home ah these guys think of everything maybe everything should be cubed. 

62. Japan is a big fan of KFC. A big fan of square stuff and apparently a big fan of penises. In fact, they kind of have a festival all for themselves kanamara matsuri which translates as the festival of the steel phallus is celebrated in Kawasaki.

63. The Shinto festival centres around the legend of a jealous Sharptooth demon. Which hid inside a girl’s vagina because where else would he hide. And bit off the penises of her two husbands.

65. The new year is a big celebration for Japan and it’s celebrated in a similar fashion to. The way that people in the West celebrate Christmas families come together. They pray and they have a big meal than whether to KFC. 

66. They also have huge killer Hornets. Ok, sure their only killer if you’re allergic to their stings but they are big. They can grow over two inches for instance which is huge.

67. There’s some weird stuff in Japan – I know right who’d have thought it including I’m gonna say it. The used panty vending machine. Yes, they were really small areas but after strict laws came along in the 90s banning them they’re probably now jolly difficult to find. 

68. Hey but anyway there are all types of vending machines for, Just about anything all around. Japan Bright on I can noodle sushi manga books bouquets of flowers everything. 

69. Oh, there’s even a grabbing machine for lobsters look at that although surely if you win the prize will nip you to bits. 

70. These are not human aquariums but rooms in a capsule hotel tiny little bedrooms designed for people who don’t need the frills of a hotel like a comfy morgue. Facts About Japan

Strange Facts About Japan: 71 To 80

71. These capsule hotel rooms cost around $17 a night. Just in case you want to book your next home mini-break.

72. Godzilla sat down fight Alton even talking about anyone fight. It anyway is one of the most recognizable mascots from Japan. The original film was made in 1954 and at the time it was the most expensive movie of all time.

73. Godzilla is said to be a representation of nuclear weapons. Given that his first movie came out not so long after the nuclear attacks. I mentioned earlier no matter fella he’s come a long way. Since Godzilla is now officially a Japanese citizen as of 2015. 

75. He since put his city smashing ways behind him.  And has now settled down with a job as a tourism ambassador of Shinjuku district in Tokyo. So you can ask him for city maps or directions to the nearest vending machine of your choice.

76. Talking on your mobile or as you Americans and drakes a cell phone. Is frowned upon in public and messages play around train stations. Asking for phones to be put in manner mode.

77. Cell phones also have to be out of sight at restaurants too. So you can’t Instagram the meal you’re about to have but how do you get validation from your friends about what you’re eating. 

78. Japan is a video game heaven companies such as Sega Nintendo Namco and Taito were established in Japan. And have created some of the most beloved games and consoles that established the Golden Age of video gaming.

79. Great gaming characters were also born right out of Japan. Mario Sonic link Kirby PAC-man Pikachu Cory from Cory in the house probably all the greats. 

80. There are five thousand seven hundred seventy-two arcades to young people.  RK -where people used to go to play video games. I know they had to leave the house is unbelievable right anyway.  5720 to arcades are located throughout Japan and they generate 450 billion yen a year. That’s the equivalent of 4.3 billion dollars. 

Facts About Japan

Penis Festival

Strange Facts About Japan: 81 To 101

81. When it was released in 2014 in Japan-only Love Plus. Became a very popular game indeed in this game you the player get to date a virtual girlfriend.

82. In the game, you can take your pick out of three girls Rinku Neenee or Menaka change your age to appear younger. That’s creepy take your girlfriend out on dates and even hug and hold her hands. 

83. Together the three versions of the game have sold more than 600,000 copies that’s a lot of virtual girlfriends. 

84. Summer lessons are an upcoming similar game in virtual reality. Where you help a schoolgirl in uniform and everything study for her exams. 

85. Adult diapers outsell baby diapers in Japan. Yep no contacts there just think about that for a second.

86. Japanese also have maid cafes. In these cafes, the waitresses usually aged between 16 to 25 are dressed as you guessed it. Maids and serve you while calling you master or mistress for the extra money. The maids will even give you messages fully clothed or even sing with you. 

87. There are also Butler cafes too. And this one’s for the ladies the waiters dress up as Butler’s serve you sweets and tea. In a British accent and call you princess ah sounds dream probably. 

88. Curdled cafes or Sonia aware male customers can pay to sleep next to a girl. There’s nothing s*xual here. Apparently and the customers can pay up to 1,000 yen to stroke the girl’s hair for three minutes or give her a foot massage lovely. 

89. In Tokyo, dizzy even a bar named love jewel where instead of bottles of alcohol on the wall. There are dildos and vibrators lovely stuff single men aren’t allowed in. And it is designed to be a place where women can openly talk about masturbating. I know someone like that you already called slough. 

90. Do you feel like dancing? I know I do well you’re in luck here in Japan. Because the ban on late-night dancing was lifted in 2015. The 67-year-old law was enforced after World War II and made it forbidden to publicly dance.

91. The Japanese love all things kawaii may sound like a budget version of Hawaii. But it actually means cute in the old Japanese. And it’s a massive part of the culture they re influencing all kinds of stuff from public transport to construction signs card the little ducky.

92. This little feline lady may well be Deadpool’s fave. But she’s also massive in Japan too in 2014 the queen of cute. Hello, Kitty turned 40 years old she’s worth 7 billion dollars a year. I don’t even know how many Hugh Jackman’s dad. Oh yes, I do actually is 46 but still that loads. 

93. Cosplay is also a very popular phenomenon in Japan. And now the world thanks Japan short for costume play is split into two categories basic and masquerade. 

94. Basic means to just dress like the character like some sort of basic amateur badge while. Masquerade means to dress and play the role of the character. I’d love to see a cosplay of me one day I’m just saying guys get on it. 

95. Article 175 of the Criminal Code of Japan forbids the distribution of indecent materials. Because of this, all p*rnography in Japan must be partially censored often with some kind of blurring over the naughty bits. Don’t ask me how I know that, I just know that okay, I do research good glad that settled I’m not paranoid what ow.

96. Japan also has some absolutely mental game shows on its telly screens take, for instance, sing what happens it is just your run-of-the-mill singing show right. Oh, wait for no hold on there’s a nurse right next to you. Tugging on your microphone while you’re trying to sing by the microphone. By the way, I mean penis don’t know if that was clear. 

97. The human slip-and-slide is also exactly that look at him. Go and yes this is an actual real-life thing broadcast on television. 

98. Then there’s the big one the show that television was made for in the first place orgasm wars. In this game show, a straight male p*rn star must try and stop himself from orgasming. While a gay p*rn star. Uh does his best with what he’s got on his face again. yep, real-life thing cant wait till they bring this to the BBC to the bake-off. 

99. The Japanese are pioneers when it comes to robotics that much is true the latest project is. Yep guessed what robot babies these Robo babies have been designed to invoke an emotional connection. As many people in Japan have stopped having human children these. Little Robo babies are there to encourage the population to grow. 

101. When eating in Japan do yourself a favour. And do away with manners and get slurping is considered a good thing. As it apparently means the food tastes good not doing. 

Ok, that water it’s not food but you know anyway board that was 101 facts about Japan and I don’t know about. You but I had a lovely time, I really did it was tip-top. If you want more 101 facts Just Comment Below the Topic. 

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