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101 Interesting China Facts You Don’t Know

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One of the biggest richest and most powerful countries in the world. Not Luxembourg of course not I’m talking China Facts but how many things have the Chinese invented.

How many things have China banned, where did they come from where did you go. Two out of three of those questions are gonna be answered.

So strap on a face mask and sail on over to the flowery land of walls strange delicacies and strict laws sounds like a party this is 101 facts about China.

China Facts

101 China Facts Food, Culture, History, Population, Economics

1. So China, has the world’s biggest human population at one point, 357 billion people that’s 20 per cent of the world’s population in one country yeah it’s a big deal.

2. 52% per cent of the Chinese population do not consider themselves religious out of the rest of the 74% per cent worship under the Chinese folk religion 16% per cent are Buddhist and 7% per cent follow Taoism

3. 9, 596, 962 No that’s not a number of bicycles in Beijing. Katie Melua there’s a joke for you straight up 2005. But actually the number of square kilometres the country has under its belt makes it the fourth-biggest country in the world. 

4. Country’s southeastern border is 800 kilometres away from the fault line between the Eurasian and Philippine tectonic plates.

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So things get shaky quite on the Reg, in China Facts, the worlds most devastating recorded earthquake ever happened in China in 1556. And tragically killed an unbelievable eight hundred and thirty thousand people. 

5. The country’s capital is Beijing which is famous for the forbidden City. Which sadly is in no way similar to Hogwarts is Forbidden Forest it’s also home to Tiananmen Square

6. Where does the name China come from? Well in the 17th-century historian Martino martini which is an absolutely cracking name for an Italian bar. Made these days propose that the term came from the Qin Kingdom which was the westernmost Kingdom during the Jo dynasty. 

7. The country was sometimes known as the flowery land that’s why I said that intro. In the 19th-century however, this was due to a translation error the harm people referred to the country as who is in reference to sin.

Who is due to the fact back you mean flower the flowering land name was born which sounds more like a terrible florist than an actual country Roomba right its capital is Beijing.

But Hong Kong is also another famous city in China and it’s almost like its own country itself with its one country two systems’ rule established by paramount leader Deng Xiaoping.In the 1980s the city has its own laws that are different from the socialist rule of the rest of China.

8. The city of Hong Kong now known by its official name as Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. As snappy as actually ruled by the British from 1841 it was handed back to the Chinese in 1997 but as I mentioned now has a different political system. 

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10. Moving to the next china facts. Macau similarly was colonized by the Portuguese in 1887 and was handed back to the Chinese in 1999. It’s now a gambling hotspot actually as well as being the most densely populated region in the entire world. China Facts

11 To 20: China Facts

11. Mandarin and Cantonese are the official languages of China but there are 56 recognized in digitus languages. That includes Mongolian and Tibetan but according to Ethnologue China has 299 spoken living languages. 

12. The thriving economy of China is made up of exports of machinery, textiles, clothing, and footwear and household goods. And pretty much everything that we have here in the West, most things have made in China. 

13. China civilization has spanned over 4 centuries it suggested that hominid that’s what we were. By the way, they’re not like an alien race or something that inhabited the country around 2.25 million years ago which is four hundred thousand years sooner than what was previously thought.

Facts About China History

14. China facts are known as dynasties because it frankly sounds cooler and began with the Shah dynasty in 2070 BCE the first government and dynasty of China.

15. A brief history of china lesson about dynasties the Zu dynasty lasted for 800 years which is the longest out of them. All it split up into 3 eras the western jiu period. The spring and autumn period and the Warring States Period. 

16. Construction for the Great Wall of China one of the greatest wonders of the world and probably will remain the greatest wall ever built. Despite efforts more recently to build tremendous ones began in the spring and autumn period and was finally completed in the Ming Dynasty. 

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17. It said that criminals common people and soldiers were forced to build the wall by Emperor Qin Shihuang. Many hundreds of thousands of people died during construction according to some historians this number could be up to a million. 

18. Sticky rice flour was used with concrete to help bind the bricks together. The workers would apparently also eat the mixture to which yet probably let’s all those deaths actually because chowing down on concrete can’t end well. 

19. It’s 13,000 170 miles long spanning 15 regions twice more than estimated by the way and the walls average height is 25 point 6 feet. 

20. The attraction has more than 50 million visitors every year which makes me wonder why they haven’t put a roller coaster on it. But hey I think outside the box but the main part of the wall was built during the Ming Dynasty sadly however one-third of the wall has perished because of weather and human vandalism. 

21. Because of its pollution, many people have to wear masks and no not the cool kind sometimes his flights are even cancelled and drivers have trouble seeing traffic lights seriously is bad over there it’s foggy than a Snoop Dogg concert at Silent Hill. 

22. Sadly the pollution in the cities has even been to blame for the sharp rise in birth defects in the country over the past 15 years. 

23. In Shanghai, in 2008 it became a trend for residents to wear pyjamas out in public hashtag style without that. Thereafter a while however it started to become discouraged with some even volunteering as a pyjama.

24. According to the BBC, more than 4,000 babies were named alien between 1993 and 2008. By the way, literally translates as the Olympic Games the babies were named this to show support for the games being held in Beijing in August 2008. 

25. The 2008 games, by the way, were the most expensive Olympics in history. Tt’s estimated that they cost over 40 billion dollars and that was just the fireworks. It wasn’t really just the fireworks.

26. According to Reuters, a virgin boy egg is a delicacy in dong yang virgin boy eggs may be a bit of a weird title Birchley. It’s been used for thousands of years.

They’re made by getting eggs and boiling them in the urine of boys. Under 10 there is no explanation whatsoever as to why the urine has to be from boys under 10. But it’s thought to provide certain health benefits. 

27. Some claim that China was actually the folks who invented the soccer ball or the beautiful game. As it’s known QG or kickball was being played over 2,000 years ago in the Song Dynasty rules. 

28. Because it was a popular game a book was printed called The Illustrated rules of kickball by Hwang Jung Chang. However, they are not the only nation to claim to be the inventors of the sport. The UK, Egypt and Italy also lay claim to being the first to coin the game hey, by the way, should I do 100 more facts about football let me know in the comments below. 

29. Now speaking of sports table tennis or ping-pong is one of the most popular sports in the country. Ping pong matt is currently the number one in the sport in the world. And at the 2016 Olympics, they took gold in every single ping-pong event. what’s funny ping-pong was actually invented in the UK. It’s like we swapped national sports.

30 To 50: China Facts

30. There is a world mahjong organization in Beijing the tile-matching game is recognized by the natural administration of sport and displayed worldwide. 

31. Recently was anything to go by some people need are fresher instead of diapers in China. Babies wear BOOTS called split pants which is exactly what you think they are. They have a gap in the middle for you know toilet stuff and they usually do it over a trash can. 

32. According to the New York Daily Times, the Chinese police in the Xinjiang province hire a flock of geese to help them fight crime. The geese are said to be more effective than dogs because they are more aggressive. 

33. Today a strict one-child policy was enforced by the communist government in 1979. This meant that couples could only have one child per family those who did happen to have more than one child were fine. 

34. According to some such as Amnesty International and the UK parliament, some women were forced to have abortions or even forcibly sterilized. There were even cases of infanticide as many firstborn girls were made orphans and in lots of cases killed after birth due to the country’s traditions of firstborn policy. 

35. The policy was phased out in 2015 to a two-child. The country still has a huge male-to-female imbalance and as a result, many men struggled to find wives. 

36. Even though China is absolutely bloody massive they only have one time zone known as Beijing Standard Time. That means that in some parts of the country the Sun won’t rise until 10 a.m.even though they have to be at work for nine. 

37. The Chinese have their own calendar and I don’t mean one with lovely pictures of China on it. 

38. Each year has its own spirit animal based on a Chinese zodiac you are meant to have great luck in fortune. During the year if it is your zodiac animal it’s currently the year of the rooster. 39. Throughout the celebration, billions of red envelopes are given out from old to the young employer to the employee. That contain money as gifts delicious money. 

40. On the 15th day the festival there is the Lantern Festival which dates back to the Han Dynasty along with lots of lanterns and general jovial joys. There are lots of other activities too including fireworks the dragon dance and walking on stilts.

41. In some regions, the lantern festival is commercialized a bit like valentine’s Da. So the day is all about finding love and buying expensive chocolates and then eating those chocolates by yourself. And crying on your own because you just ate all those chocolates by yourself or is that just me on Valentine’s Day.

42. During Chinese New Year many families like to go on vacation which is lovely in all. But that’s billions of people going on holiday at the same time 2.5 billion take trips by land, 356 million by rail, 58 million by plane and 43 million by sea. This phenomenon is known as yearning according to The Telegraph. 

43. The sale of video game consoles were banned in the country in 2000 because the government thought that video games were bad for their youth. 

44. For traffic jams shock in China, for example, the China National Highway won 110 traffic jam lasted for more than 10 days.And stretched 100 kilometres companies had to suspend delivery trucks and locators begun to sell instant noodles and cigarettes on the side of the road. 

45. The jams are so bad over there, in fact in china, there is a service that will come to you on a motorbike with two people. One to take your place in the traffic jam and the others to whisk you away on the bike to your destination. 

46. To try and beat these hellish jams a technology company in China have designed a transit Explorer bus with the width of the road with a big floating platform.

Hovering over cars and stuff that they can keep on driving through and under it, one of these buses can hold 1400 commuters at one time. 

47. Moving to next about china facts. Cricket fighting was a popular pastime in the country that dates back over 1,000 years to the Tang Dynasty. However, it was banned by china Communist Party in 1970 although there are rumours it could be making a comeback.

48. A well-known legend states that tea was discovered by Emperor Shennong when tea leaves fell into his boiling water in 2737 BC. 

49. Tea is an important part of facts about china culture and is seen as a necessity the oldest tea in China is Westlake Dragon. Well, tea would date all the way back to the Tang Dynasty it’s reported that the Queen and Richard Nixon both enjoyed the tea although not together at the same time. 

50 To 70: About China Facts

50. Silk was supposedly discovered in a very similar way to tea according to Chinese legend ladies links. We discovered silk when a silkworm cocoon dropped in her hot tea. Wow, they discover everything by just dropping them into tea. Over there right maybe that’s how they make you know literally everything. Those amazing china facts today you know right.

51. Fortune cookies are not traditionally Chinese just like the Mandarin says in Iron Man 3. 

52. Chop suey was invented in America by Chinese Americans and is believed to be inspired by Satsui which literally means miscellaneous leftovers which were discussed in the Guangdong Province of China. 

53. China has actually invented many many things that we use today like umbrellas, the toothbrush, printing, and gunpowder yep we all use gunpowder every day right guys.

54. Its also the birthplace of ice cream dates back to 200 BCE rice was mixed with milk and frozen by being packed in snow. Marco Polo then supposedly brought the recipe back to Italy although this is widely considered to be a myth. 

55. I’ve in factoring Tang of Shang great name Han over 93 men in his kingdom specifically to make his early ice cream for him. 

56. Just so you know what to wear when you’re out there traditionally white is worn at funerals as it’s a symbol of death. Red, however, is worn at weddings as it’s a symbol of happiness so just wear red and white if you are not sure what you’re going to. 

57. The Forbidden City in Beijing was the home to the Chinese emperor’s government officials staff and all their families. It was occupied from the ming dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty but these days it’s just a tourist attraction. 

58. It was called Forbidden City because normal folk or commoners like you and I were not allowed to see the Emperor. Allegedly if they did accidentally spy him they would be executed that’s fair enough. 

59. There are 9999 rooms in the Forbidden City each of which are filled with rare artefacts and statues it said that altogether there are around 1 million relics with 13,000, 844 images of dragons to boot. 

60. 9999 rooms yes but not one of them is a toilet which actually sounds like a living nightmare. Instead, there are many many many beds spans part of the bedpans were used. 

61. Many concubines entered the forbidden City in order to please the emperor and to give him a male heir. Their women had to be of a certain weight and height and facial features were also taken into consideration. 

62. Chopsticks were once known as Zhu they were invented because it was difficult to dip vegetables in soup with a spoon. 

63. 80 billion chopsticks are produced a year in China which is great news for chopstick fans but bad news indeed for forests and trees Nintendo. 64 30 million people in the Shaanxi province live in caves and they are loving it in case. 

65. Sad news for fans of pointless life updates and blurry photos Facebook has been banned throughout the country since 2009 even though some errors can apparently now access it in its placement Ren was made and is now the most popular social media in the country. 

66. China actually has many different alternatives to the social media we use in the West, for instance, WeChat is Whatsapp Weibo is Twitter and QQ is an email service. 

67. Google is not used like it is anywhere else either only accounts for 2% of all searches made over there. So if you told somebody to Google it over there they’d probably just look at you like you just called their mother a potato. 

68. In 2013 forty-four billion packs of instant noodles were sold in China. 

69. Oh, the eight is seen as lucky in China just like the seven and 6, 9 if it’s your birthday I have seen as lucky in the Westmany expecting Chinese couples hope to have babies on the 8th of August 2008. because of the good fortune, it could bring some couples even booked cesarean specifically for that date as well as 16,000 couples aiming to tie the knot on that luckiest of dates every year. 

70. The four on the other hand wool or deer four is considered to be unlucky because the pronunciation of four is similar to the pronunciation of the word death.

But this reason it’s often omitted from elevator panels with companies opting to have the third floor and then the fifth floor instead. China Facts

71 To 90: China Facts

71. Half of the world’s pigs are in China Facts those lucky porkers. Well unlucky really as most then will end up on a dinner plate in 2012 50 million metric tons of pork was produced in China. 

72. In China Facts to ensure they get their very best in piggies China pays the equivalent of 45 million pounds or 54 million to the UK specifically for pig semen. 

73. The government have made reincarnation without their permission illegal. You heard right you have to tell them if you plan on being reincarnated. 

74. China has one of the biggest shopping malls in the entire world but it’s empty located in Dongguan the new South China mall aka the ghost mall opened in 2005. And hopes to attract thousands of people with their thousands of monies the mall has 2,000 350 stores but only 10% of the mall is actually occupied.

75. China Facts also has their very own Bigfoot known as the year in or wild man and led to the ellipse in the mountainous wooded area at the Western Hubei so but where if you live there. 

76. Supposedly Chinese railways are so long they could wrap around the world twice over. 

77. Ketchup actually originated in China the original recipe though used pickle, fish sauce,  instead of tomatoes. 

78. The giant panda is one of the most famous animals from the country of China they mainly resided Chuan-shan and the Gansu regions. 

79. A giant panda has actually been very close to extinction actually it’s been saved you to global nurturing in zoos. And enclosures in fact every panda in the world is actually technically on loan from China Facts. 

80. A food scandal emerged in 2012 that reported that fake eggs were being made in China. The eggs whites and yolk was made from the starch continent and sodium alginate. 

81. They also had fake apples to stir that is Lowell there were 22 thick Apple stores in China. All of which were closed down in 2011 the stores have the Apple logo. And store layout and replicated the goods which sound a heck of a lot of illegal stuff.

82. Brad Pitt was apparently banned from entering the country because of his role in the film seven years in Tibet luckily for old pitstop this ban was lifted in 2016. 

83. China Facts has over 800 McDonald’s restaurants however when drive-through McDonald’s was introduced in 2005. Many Chinese people did not know how to use it as I’ve never seen it before there were reports of people ordering food in their car. 

84. Speaking of the Chinese Civil War which we were the Chinese civil war occurred between 1946 and 1949. The communist and nationalist parties in China spoiler alert for you here but the Communists won the war in 1949. And a communist state was created under leader Mao Zedong. 

85. In 1958 Mao and the Communist Party started a program called the Great Leap Forward with the aim to catch up in the progression of the Western world. 

86. Well, wrong, very wrong according to the independent between 1958 and 1962 under this program at least 45 million people were worked started or beaten to death. Overall Mao is the greatest mass murderer in history with a total of 60 million killings to his name. 

87. In China Facts, according to amnesty international China executes more people per year than the rest of the world combined.

88. According to data in the New York Times, China kills and eats up to 4 million cats every year. 

89. According to The Wall Street Journal, more than 82 million people in China Facts live on less than one u.s. a dollar a day oh well that’s horrible. 

90. China Facts also apparently seems to be a country made up of pirates according to Microsoft 78% of software installed on Chinese computers in 2010 was pirated. 

91. Of every three socks in the world are made in a place nicknamed sock city a massive industrial complex which is located in the district of Datang. 8 billion socks are produced there every year. 

92. While we’re on the subject of feat foot-binding became very popular in China. after the upper classes began to practice it in the 10th century. 

93. There was a point in 2011 where a new skyscraper was built in China Facts every five days. In fact, China used more cement between 2011 and 2013 than the US did in the entire 20th century according to bill Gates. 

94. Along with the host of other terms, words and phrases China has on occasion censored the words centre ship itself.

95. China Facts is also responsible for many quite weird trends, for example, this is where people alter their dogs’ appearance to make them look like bear animals sometimes through dyeing them. 

96. In China Facts, in 2013 a zoo in China angered visitors by trying to pass up a mastiff dog. As a lion was quite how they thought anybody would fall for that, I’ll never know I mean a lion looks like this. 

97. In 1973 Mao had an extremely s*xist proposal to send 10 million women to the US to boost the US population. He claimed this would flood the US with disaster according to leaked papers from the US State Department. 

98. A Chinese economy is the biggest economy in the world has taken over from the US in 2014. 

99. Have you heard about the elderly rights law well it’s a law in China that means you have to visit your parents regularly. If they are over the age of sixty failure to do this is punishable by law which is quite sweet. 

100. Really if you think about it like depending on what the punishment is here’s.

A tip doesn’t commit fraud in China or anywhere else actually but especially not in China. No really don’t do it because if you do so in China you may face the death penalty. 

101. Also while you’re at it don’t cheat on your exams either that particular crime needs to a seven-year prison sentence. Wow, teachers should say that more often because then you know maybe kids would cheat less they could say. 

Alright so that was 101 facts about China and I don’t know about you but I had a lovely time if you want more 101 China facts. Then comment below. 

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