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Now Ajay Devgan’s film Thank God fell on the legal issue, making fun of God had to be expensive

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Boycott’s loud noise was going on. But ever since the film Brahmastra has been released, its noise seems to be decreasing. But once again the voice of Boycott has been raised. But this time the film is different and the actors are also different.

The name of the film which is being boycotted this time is Thank God. Ever since the trailer of this film was released. People have started demanding a boycott of this film.

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This film has now become embroiled in so many controversies that a complaint has also been lodged against the actors and makers of this film. Lawyer Himanshu Srivastava has filed a case against the director of this film Indra Kumar and actors Ajay Devgan and Siddharth Malhotra in Jaunpur.

According to the petitioner, the trailer of the film makes fun of the Hindu religion and hurts religious sentiments. In this, we will tell you about the trailer of this film and its controversy.

Let us tell you that in a few days a film named ThankGod is going to hit the theatres. In which Ajay Devgan is playing the role of Chitragupta. Now you know that Chitragupta’s place in Hinduism is very high.

Chitragupta is considered the god of actions. Who keeps account of all bad and good deeds. Chitragupta is portrayed in this trailer but he is presented in a very funny way. In this, the character and language of Ajay Devgan playing the character of Chitragupta do not match with Chitragupta in any way.

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In this trailer, Ajay Devgan also makes a joke about abuse. This is the only thing that is bothering people. Why do people think that such a joke can be made about the God of the Hindu religion?

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After all, how can Chitragupt Ji be shown joking and how can he be shown joking so much. In his petition, petitioner lawyer Himanshu Srivastava says that Ajay Devgan is seen telling jokes where he is also using some objectionable words. They said,

“Chitragupta is considered to be the god of karma and he keeps a record of the good and bad deeds of a man. Such depictions of deities can create an unpleasant situation. Because it hurts religious sentiments.”

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