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What Is WOW Internet And What Does It Offer?

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When we talk about top telecommunication companies, WOW! is one of the leading regional broadband internet, cable TV, and home phone service provider.

They started from a small scale and now they have expanded their services in a total of 9 states around the West side of the US. The number of WOW internet https://www.localcabledeals.com/wow/internet subscribers is exceeding 85000.

There is much more that you should know about WOW! before signing up for their services, read through to understand what they are and what do they have in store to offer you.

What Is Wow Internet

What is wow internet?

They are currently providing their service in around 9 states around the US that includes Florida, Illinois, Indiana, South Carolina, Tennessee, Michigan, Ohio, Alabama, and Georgia. They provide reliable services in more than 9 markets.

WOW! is expanding its reach and the number of its users has been increasing with time.

They only provide their services in the states that we mentioned and all the users who reside in these states can sign up for their services, and avail of promotional discounts.

Best Internet Package offered by WOW!

Some internet service providers do not offer many options in internet speeds. You are often not free to choose the highest internet speed because of restrictions but WOW! offers 3 internet speed options to all their users.

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The most frequently used internet package by WOW! broadband internet users is their regular internet package because, although, it is the regular package, it still offers a very internet speed of 100 Mbps to 200 Mbps which is huge.

It allows a user to connect 4 or devices that can be your laptops, computers, mobile phones, tablets, IPad’s or Smart TVs. You will not face speed lag issues and frustrating buffering signs on your screen if you connect a compatible number of devices with your internet.

The price of this package which is their regular packages is $49 a month.

However, if you want a higher internet speed then you do have that option with WOW! internet. You can opt for 500 Mbps or the ultra-fast 1000 Mbps or 1 Gig internet too.

These speeds are ideal for you, if you have extensive internet usage or if you are simply an internet geek. The price will be higher for the higher internet speed.

Bundle up your package with a Cable TV and Phone

You can bundle your internet with WOW! cable TV and home phone service. You can choose a bundle package of your choice, the minimum number of channels that are offered by them is more than 120 includes all popular channels like AMC, America TV, History, and many more.

The biggest advantage of choosing a bundle package is that you can save more because you will be paying much less for 3 services. When you pay for a single bill, you save more because you pay less tax.

Perks of using WOW! services

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There are many benefits of choosing WOW! internet, cable TV, or home phone. If you place your orders online, WOW! will offer free installation.

WOW also offers 30 days money-back guarantee that enables you to test their services and make sure that you are satisfied with them. They also offer you the option to choose packages without any contracts.

With WOW! internet you get unlimited internet data that gives you the liberty to download as much as you want. You can also upgrade or downgrade your services when you want.

To make your online experience safe and secure they also offer antivirus service that keeps your data protected in the online world.

Many users are often looking for their services to be installed as soon as possible and with WOW!, you can get your services installed the very next day of your order placement.

You also get a free whole-home Wi-Fi that allows you to connect your devices with your Wi-Fi internet.

Strong Customer Support

With WOW! internet and a cable TV connection, you always need strong support. Internet outages occur once in a while no matter what and there are many other technical issues that a user can face with internet and cable TV connection.

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WOW is an award-winning provider of customer service. They offer 24/7 assistance to all their users.

With 24/7 assistance it becomes easier to reach out to the customer service department because you are not restricted and you can take help right away, whenever it is needed.

What Internet speed options do you have?

Internet service providers do not offer many internet speeds to choose from. You might see an advertisement and sell it yourself that you have the option to go for the internet speed that is shown in the advertisement but, in some cases,  some internet service providers of a different internet speed for different addresses.

You should always ask for the WOW! internet speed options that you have on your address, and then make a decision on which internet speed do you want.

Is there any contract required?

You must be aware if you are going to sign up for any contractual terms or not.

Fore people,  who travel or who cannot stay at the same place for long enough, a contractual wow internet service provider will not be a good option so it is always better to ask there from your wow internet service provider if they require any contracts or not.

Do you have the option of a promotional discount?

Most of the wow internet service providers of promotional discounts to their new users. You should ask if there are any promotional discounts because it will allow you to save more.

Can you bundle up your services if you want?

Usually,  wow internet service providers do have the option for cable TV and home phone service.  If you bundle up your services you are often able to save more and,  it is always better to ask your service provider if they provide the option to customize your package whenever you want or not.

Do they offer 24/7 customer support?

With the wow internet, you always need assistance when a wow internet outage occurs or you face issues with your Wow internet speed. You must ask what are the customer service hours and if you have the option for 24/7 assistance or not.

Some WOW! internet service providers charge a hefty amount If a user plans to cancel their services.

Wrapping Up,

WOW! is one of the best options for wow! internet, cable TV, and home phone service. The number of their users is increasing and, you can be one of them if you are looking for one reliable option.


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